240W Realme Fast Charging Has Been Found: Revelation Date Is January 5

Realme Fast Charging

Since Xiaomi set a new standard for fast charging with the Redmi Note 12 Explorer’s 210W charging, tech enthusiasts have been impatiently awaiting the newest breakthrough. Realme has taken the hint and is getting ready to release the Realme GT Neo 5 with Realme Fast Charging, which will be more advanced than your typical smartphone.

On January 5, the 240W Charger’s Unveiling is Predicted to Take Place.

Giz China reported that although the new technology is still rumoured, it may be coming soon. For more information on this fast-charging technology, fans will have to wait until the company’s upcoming tech event in China.

Realme will demonstrate the new Realme 240W charger, rumoured to be called “SuperVOOC” and powered by Oppo’s R&D labs, on January 5 at a tech event in China. A device with 20V at 12A current has since been seen in live images of the leaked charger, as seen on GSM Arena.

There are rumours that one of the Realme GT Neo 5 variants will include the fast charger.

The Realme GT Neo 5 is rumoured to have two variants: a “high-end” model with a 240W charger and a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC, and a secondary option with a “150W” charger and a different Processor. This information comes from a video by Technical Desk on YouTube.

Battery capacity for the Realme GT Neo 5 ranges from 4,500 to 4,600 mAh.

The charger should make sure that the Realme GT Neo 5’s dual-cell battery can withstand the high power supply with little harm. To further ensure the security of the phone, the battery capacitance is anticipated to be around 4,500 or 4,600 mAh.

Realme has experienced recent growth in the mobile sector, and its upcoming product is a resounding example of its commitment to making strides in the area of mobile charging. The tech event on January 5 will provide buyers with a taste of what Realme has to offer and an understanding of the impact its new charger will have on the mobile industry.

How Quick Charging Enables Users to Use Powerful Smartphone Features

When a user’s battery is getting low, having fast charging enabled on a device is not only preferable but also necessary for other uses. In addition to being convenient, it also makes powerful features more accessible to users.

For instance, users’ batteries must have enough power to keep up with the stream if they are streaming a 4K video or an online game. Their device can have the power it needs thanks to fast charging.

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A device’s time spent at a high temperature is reduced as a result of fast charging.

Fast charging also reduces energy consumption by enabling a battery to charge more effectively. This is so that a device’s battery doesn’t spend as much time at a high temperature, extending the battery’s life.

Additionally, conventional charging calls for larger chargers and generates more heat, both of which can be harmful over time.