After Samsung and OnePlus, Oppo changes its software upgrade commitments for upcoming flagship mobiles.

flagship mobiles.

flagship mobiles announces its most recent commitment to ensure more frequent software upgrades beginning in 2023.

OnePlus recently boosted the number of software updates it will provide, promising four key Android OS upgrades and five years of security patches for some devices in 2023.

According to Oppo’s most recent press release, the company has announced that it will offer selected 2023 flagships four platform updates and five years of security patches. Along with outlining its better software update promise, Oppo also stated that their ColorOS 13, which is based on Android 13, will be released more quickly than any previous iteration of the operating system.

The business claims that this is a 50% increase over the global rollout of ColorOS 12 from the previous year, which purportedly benefited three times as many customers. Since its presentation in August, Oppo has distributed ColorOS 13 to 33 smartphone models globally.

What is ColorOS from Oppo?

The ColorOS 13 was released this year on August 18, according to GSM Arena, and is the product of Oppo’s concerted efforts to provide it to existing phones for the quickest rollout out of any ColorOS version thus far.

For the benefit of tech lovers, the recently released ColorOS 13 has even more interesting news. Starting in 2023, Oppo will extend the software support for a few of its flagship mobiles.

Four OS updates and five years of security patches are planned for specific premium models. This is in line with the commitment that OnePlus made earlier this year, with only three OS updates and five years of repairs available at the moment. This upgrade schedule was initially made public by Samsung, which extended it through their 2021 flagships.

Returning to the most recent operating system, ColorOS 13, 33 Oppo models have received the update globally, setting a record and being 50% more than ColorOS 12, for example. This has allowed it to reach three times as many users as ColorOS 12 did in the first four months of its release.

Did Oppo copy OnePlus and Samsung with their commitment to software upgrades?

Oppo plans to give four significant ColorOS updates and five years of continual security updates for a selected set of its flagship models starting in 2023, after a recent announcement regarding its new ColorOS update strategy.

It’s interesting that the action was taken after OnePlus and Samsung both reaffirmed their dedication to users.

Oppo is now the third Android OEM to offer a four-year OS upgrade and five-year security update guarantee, according to XDA-Developers. Samsung and OnePlus are the only other OEMs that promise software updates for the same length of time.

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However, among Android OEMs, Samsung’s software update process continues to be the best. How rapidly updates may or will be provided to devices, however, has not been made clear by OnePlus or Oppo.

Since Google only offers its Pixel portfolio four years of security updates and three substantial upgrades, it is still lagging behind other Android device rivals.