10 Best Online Logo Makers For Freelancers

Online Logo Makers For Freelancers

What is the best online logo makers for freelancers out there? And what should you think about when deciding which one to hire to make a logo for your business?

In this post, we compare the best logo makers for businesses, individuals, and people who want to make money on the side. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about each one. Let’s get started:

Best online logo makers

It’s not easy to figure out who makes the best logos. So, we’ve made a list of the best logo makers that you can use to make a custom logo for your website.


We think that LOGO.com is the best logo maker on this list. The logo maker is fun to use, and it has a strong domain name that makes it clear what it is for. They won’t ask for your personal information until you’re happy with your logo and ready to buy.

The logo generator will ask you a few simple questions to figure out what you like, and then it will give you hundreds of logos that fit your needs.

The logo editor is very easy to use and a lot of fun. Some of the best premium fonts are free on LOGO.com, and they have a database with thousands of icons to make sure you find something you like.

With the icons, premium fonts, cool containers, and different layouts, you can make logos that look very professional and can be used right away.

Before, logos on LOGO.com cost money, but now they are all free. The quality stays the same, and you can get your logo’s basic design files for $0.

For an affordable $60/year subscription, you get access to a lot of tools, like a free domain name, website builder, social media kit, business cards, and their unique brand-building tool, which you can use to make all of your branding and marketing materials.

The tool comes with your colors, fonts, and other brand elements already set up. This makes it easy to design and share anything you want. It has everything you need to build your brand.

Plus, they have great customer service and guarantee that everyone will be happy. So, if what you see doesn’t please you, ask for your money back.

Pricing: Logos are free, and the Brand Plan with all the tools is $60 a year.


Even though the design of your logo doesn’t have to be hard, it does help to give it some thought and work. Hatchful is Shopify’s free logo maker. It takes the guesswork out of making a logo for your business and gets you started.

Hatchful is an easy-to-use logo maker that lets you change the way your logo looks to fit your needs.

Start by picking a place for your business, a look, and some general preferences. Using this information, the logo generator will make a number of logos for you to choose from:

Choose the one you like best and change it to fit what you need. You can change its colors, fonts, and icons until you like how it looks.

Pricing: Free.


If you’ve used the Internet, you’ve probably heard of Canva. People think it’s a social media tool, but it’s just a version of Photoshop that’s easy to use.

Canva has a logo maker that you can use to make your logo, just like it has tools for all other kinds of design. Its drag-and-drop interface is great for people who don’t know much about designing. There are more than a hundred templates from which to choose and change:

Canva starts by asking you some basic questions, like what industry you work in, what style of logo you like, and if you want to use a template. This is similar to how most other online logo makers work.

When you use Canva, you get a high-resolution logo file for free, which is a great perk. But if you want to make more advanced changes, like adding your own icon, you’ll need to sign up for their plan.

Pricing: Free. Subscriptions start from $12.99/month.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is one of the best websites for making logos online. The platform can help you figure out which logo style is best for your business and industry.

You start by typing in the name of your business. Then you answer a few more questions, like whether you want an icon-based logo or an initial-based logo. Tell them what fonts and colors you like so they can make logos for you that fit your needs.

The main logo editor’s user interface is the only bad thing about the platform.

The logo designs are listed one below the other, and the rest of the space is used to show what the chosen logo will look like on a website, a business card, social media, and merchandise. You also can’t see how much they cost until you’re done making your logo and want to download it.

Pricing: $3.99/month for JPG and PNG files and $9.99/month for EPS vector files.

Logo Makr

Logo Makr gives you the option to watch a video that shows you how to use it. After that, you’re dropped right into the editor. This logo maker is mostly do-it-yourself. You start with a blank canvas and add things from their library, like fonts, shapes, and icons.

If you want full control over your design, it’s one of the best online logo makers. Also, the quality and usefulness of your logo will depend on how good you are at design and how long you’ve been doing it. If you’re not good at designing and would rather have help, this logo maker might not be for you.

Even if it seems hard at first, you’ll be able to make a logo you like with a little bit of practice.

Pricing: Get a low-resolution file for free; $29 for high-resolution Vector PDF and SVG files.


Ucraft is mostly used to build websites, but it also has a free logo maker. You can use different icons, shapes, and text to make a logo along with a website. It is very easy to use the logo editor. In less than ten minutes, you can make, save, and start using your logo.

Ucraft does require you to sign up for an account before you can download the logo, but that’s not a big deal for a great company logo. When you make an account, you get a high-resolution transparent PNG file for free.

Pricing: Free.


Looka uses AI to learn about your business and then makes logos for you based on what they say. They show you a list of logo designs and ask you to choose your favorites. You can also choose your font style, colors, and whether or not you want your logo to have an icon.

The logo generator then shows you some logo designs that you can change to fit your needs.

Since the platform is powered by AI, you might expect to see logos that are tailored to your needs and industry. However, you will still find some generic designs that don’t meet the criteria you set. Looka is one of the best online logo makers to try if you want to make a professional logo.

Pricing: $20 for a low-resolution PNG and $65 for a full range of design files.


DesignHill works in the same way as most other logo makers. You start by picking five sample designs you like. Then you choose your favorite colors and type of business.

Don’t be fooled by the samples here. When you add typography and great color schemes to what might seem like pretty simple icons, you get some beautiful logos.

But you have to make an account before you can get to that step. Once you’ve done that, look at their logo designs, choose one you like, and buy it.

Pricing: $20 gets you one low-resolution PNG file, and $65 gets you professional logo files like vector EPS and SVG, black-and-white versions, and information about colors and fonts. For $150, you can hire a designer to make your logo even more unique.


Namecheap is a well-known domain registrar that also has a great logo maker you can use online.

Start by typing in your business’s name and industry. Then, choose some fonts you like and add any icons you want. The logo maker will take care of the rest.

You don’t have to make an account to look at the logos, change them, and download them. Even though the icons and fonts may seem simple, Namecheap’s logo maker puts them together in a nice way to make good logo designs.

Pricing: Free.


Logaster works like most other logo makers in that it asks you for basic information about your business before showing you some logo designs.

But this logo maker is different from the rest because it focuses on making corporate logos. This means that there isn’t much research done on your business, and the logos are also pretty standard.

When it comes to quality, most of the designs are simple and clean. You also get the design of your logo in different formats that make it easy to use on things like business cards, website banners, and more.

Pricing: Packages start from $5.99 and go up to $26.99.

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Logo creators FAQs

What is a logo, and a logo maker?

Logaster works like most other logo makers in that it asks you for basic information about your business before showing you some logo designs.

But this logo maker is different from the rest because it focuses on making corporate logos. This means that there isn’t much research done on your business, and the logos are also pretty standard.

When it comes to quality, most of the designs are simple and clean. You also get the design of your logo in different formats that make it easy to use on things like business cards, website banners, and more.

What is the best free logo maker?

Most of the tools on this list can be used for free. But if you want the tool with the most features and the best finished logo, you can’t go wrong with our top picks.

LOGO has a lot of logo templates that look professional and creative, as well as a lot of ways to change them.

Both Hatchful and Canva are easy to use and have well-designed templates, but some of Canva’s features and templates cost money.

What features should a logo maker tool have?

Even though a logo maker tool won’t give you as much individuality as a graphic designer’s work, at the very least, it should be able to:

  • Different templates should be shown.
  • Let you change how the logo looks (font and colors)
  • Change the template by adding or removing icons
  • Download in high quality

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Your final logo design will depend on a number of things. Here are some of them:


For the next Marvel movie, an action-packed DVD cover with the main cast and some explosions might look great, but not for a logo.

It’s great to have a logo that stands out and is interesting to look at, but don’t forget where your logo will go.

Most likely, your logo will be on your website, in the footer of resources, and at the bottom of emails. It will be small but easy to see. If your logo design is a mess, it will look great when it’s big, but you won’t be able to see the details when it’s small.

The key is simplicity.

Amazon’s logo is also similar, with the brand name and the arrow being the most important parts.

Flexible design

After simple, flexibility is the next step. Your logo needs to be the same size and style in every part of your business, like on your website, in the footer of your emails, and on social media. This is important for brand recognition.

Some brands run without their logo, but the brand name and the brand’s icon or symbol are still connected.

Most website logos are square, and TechKnowmad’s is no exception:

So, it’s easy to keep your brand name and icon together.

But designs on social media tend to favor square or round profile pictures, which can be hard for people who have made a logo in a rectangle shape.

When designing a logo, you need to think about more than just the size of the canvas and the icons. You should think about what kinds of backgrounds your logo could be put on.

So, the best way to make a logo is to do it on a white, black, or transparent background and change the colors to match.

Branding & colors

Some of the free logo makers, like LOGO, let you make a custom palette so that your logo matches the colors of your brand. If you also have a set of brand colors, you’ll need to use them in your logo design to make sure everything stays the same.

If you haven’t made your website or brand yet, color psychology is a big part of marketing because it can show trends in how people act.

For example, food chains like McDonald’s tend to use the color red because it makes people stop and pay attention. Communication companies like Nokia use the color blue because it usually stands for trust and clarity.

It’s important to choose a color palette that goes well together because you want colors that go well together but also stand out. For example, black and white or black and yellow go better together than black and dark grey or dark green.

Paletton is a tool for making color schemes, and it’s a great place to start when making a color scheme for your brand.


When you look at your unique logo, do you visualize your business or brand? If the answer is no, the logo doesn’t match what you had in mind.

It’s hard to find your brand’s identity, and some people are still working on it while others can’t do it at all. Yes, it’s easy for a lot of people to come up with some text and an icon, but that doesn’t mean it shows your business the way you want it to.

We used to have a logo that looked like magic and was meant to be fun and interesting, but it didn’t give the impression we wanted to give to our audience.

As we move on, we see the start of our logo, which is a speech bubble with bright colors. But we wanted it to feel more like a business.

This brings us to our final logo, which isn’t too different from the first one, except for the color.

Changes that aren’t very big can sometimes have the biggest effects.

Online Logo Makers vs. Hiring Logo Designers

Both hiring a designer and using a logo maker have their pros and cons. To hire a designer, you have to spend time, money, and energy.

First, you’ll need to find a designer. Then, you’ll need to tell him about your idea and business. Then they’ll come back with plans that need to be changed. It takes a lot of back and forth, and you still have to pay the designer even if you don’t like the end result.

On the other hand, making a logo with a logo maker is much safer. And if you choose one of the more professional ones, like LOGO.com, you can get a logo that you can use right away.

You can also use a logo you find there and then hire a designer to make any changes you want.

A logo maker cuts down on the back and forth during the design process and gives you full control over the design. Even better, you never have to start from a blank page. So, if you don’t know what you want, you can look at the logo designs to get ideas.

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Your logo is the first thing people see when they think of your brand, and you want it to say something about you and what your brand or business is all about.

A best online logo maker tool can point you in the right direction, whether you’re looking for inspiration, templates, or just ideas. You’ll find the perfect logo in the end.

So, if you want a free logo, head over to one of these sites and start making one.