One Year After Launch, Bluesky Has 2 Million Users: Is It a Good ‘X’ Alternative?

One Year After Launch, Bluesky Has 2 Million Users: Is It a Good 'X' Alternative?

One year after its launch, Bluesky, the innovative social media platform, has successfully garnered a user base of 2 million individuals. As it continues to make waves in the digital landscape, questions arise about its potential to emerge as a compelling alternative to established platforms. In a world dominated by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Bluesky’s rapid growth prompts a closer examination of its features, user experience, and overall impact on the social media sphere.

Is Bluesky a good alternative, offering a fresh perspective and addressing the evolving needs of users, or does it face challenges in establishing itself as a noteworthy contender? This article delves into the post-launch landscape of Bluesky, exploring its strengths and potential as a viable ‘X’ alternative in the dynamic realm of social networking.

Bluesky, a social media app that is exclusively available to users by invitation, has reached the milestone of 2 million users just one year after it was first released.

This noteworthy expansion comes on the heels of the site just passing the one million member threshold just a few short months ago.

Bluesky Hits 2 Million Users

According to the most recent post on the Bluesky team blog, the voyage of the simple app began on November 16, 2022, with the launch of Bluesky and the publication of the app’s very first blog entry.

Bluesky Hits 2 Million Users

One year later, the platform is proud to announce that it has amassed an incredible user base of 2 million different people. This specialized social network is quickly gaining a larger number of subscribers.

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Opening Gates to Public Web Access

At the moment, Bluesky is a platform that is accessible solely through invitation, and users need to have an account in order to access posts. On the other hand, things are going to be different after this month.

Bluesky has announced that they will soon be releasing a public web interface. This will remove restrictions for users and allow them to browse posts without having to log into their accounts. Accessibility is something that the team aims to improve, particularly with regard to real-time discussion and breaking news on the platform.

Embracing Federation in 2023

According to 9to5Mac’s source, Bluesky has revealed its intentions for federation, which are set to take place at the beginning of the following year. The company is aware of the risks connected with platform reliance.

Users are liberated from their dependence on a single platform through the revolutionary methodology of federation. It ensures that each individual maintains control of their data by dispersing it among multiple servers that are separately hosted.

By making this platform “billionaire-proof,” Bluesky is making a cryptic reference to several scandals that have occurred in the past involving other social media sites.

Bluesky as Twitter Alternative

Even before Elon Musk acquired Twitter, which is now known as X, many people have been calling Bluesky the next microblogging platform that they want to investigate. Bluesky’s name originates from the word “blue,” which refers to the color of the sky. During that period, Jack Dorsey continued to own ownership of the business.

According to Tech Times, compatibility for both Android and iOS operating systems did not come to the application until the year 2023. It’s always been a decentralized network from the very beginning, with the intention of catering to a small group of people who want to avoid the drama on Twitter.

In the same way that you can do it on X, you can also do it on Bluesky and follow your favorite musicians, celebrities, and influencers. The Authenticated Transfer Protocol makes it simpler for you to move your digital credentials from Bluesky to another platform.

According to Dorsey, Bluesky is only a “trimmed-down version of Twitter” in some sense. As a result of its additional Followers and Posts Tabs, it is an excellent “X” replacement.

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