Facing Plummeting Demand for PCs, Dell Decides to Cut 6,650 Jobs

Facing Plummeting Demand for PCs, Dell Decides to Cut 6,650 Jobs

As Plummeting Demand for PCs for its goods declines as a result of the epidemic, Dell, along with many other major PCs businesses, plans to lay off thousands of employees.

According to Bloomberg, Dell’s Co-Chief Operating Officer Jeff Clarke informed staff members in a memo that the business will be laying off about 6,650 positions, or about 5% of its 13000 person workforce.

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The employment layoffs are a response to a significant downturn in the demand for personal computers. According to industry analyst IDC, Dell saw a 37% decline in PCs shipments during the fourth quarter of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. Sales and demand are not anticipated to increase this year given the state of the global economy.

The email explains that while Dell had already instituted a hiring freeze and limited staff travel, greater efficiency is now necessary. Some firm departments may reorganise due to the significant job losses, but Dell has dealt with similar circumstances in the past. According to Clarke’s memo, “We’ve survived previous economic downturns and come out stronger. When the market recovers, we will be prepared.”

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In the meantime, Google is axing 12,000 jobs globally, Amazon plans to slash 18,000 jobs, Meta stated it was firing more than 11,000 workers, and it has now been disclosed that its VR segment lost $13.7 billion in 2017.