For 2022, the top 5 iPhone subway apps are

iPhone subway apps

It’s practically difficult to navigate New York City without using the subway, but to enhance the experience, there are certain iPhone apps that make using the subway simpler.

The Best iOS Subway Navigation Apps for New York City

The apps that iPhone or iPad users can download to make it easier to navigate the subway are described in an article by Apple Insider. As mentioned, these apps are more useful than standard Maps for guiding users through the NYC Subway.

A different article from Dixon Leasing lists the top Apple apps for navigating the New York City subway system.

The Top 5 New York Subway Apps for iPhone in 2022 are shown below.
App for the New York Subway

The app has a free and premium version that can be downloaded, and for people who are only visiting NYC temporarily, paying for the app doesn’t make sense. Saving money for a much-needed cappuccino is advised in order to get through the commute.

According to the article, since the map appears to be out of date, this may not be the best option for users looking for the most UI/UX-friendly app. The article advises users to take a screenshot of the NYC Subway Map from Google Images since it provides nearly identical results.

Manhattan Subway App

Although this software is described as being slightly worse than the New York City App that includes Google Chrome advertising, it is a little easier on the eyes. This app’s drawback is that it doesn’t provide information on updates for maintenance or track closures.

Without awareness of maintenance or track closures, there is a potential that users will have to repeatedly be diverted, which will waste a lot of their time. The app is a free app that comes with applications and needs the more recent iOS 13 to function.

Google Maps

The New York City Subway App and the New York Subway MTA App are combined in this app. The main advantages of this programme are its free nature and its clean and uncluttered UI/UX.

The app makes it simple to keep track of a user’s location, their desired destination, and the best route to get there. The app provides users with options for driving, walking, cycling, or ride-sharing in addition to public transportation (bus/metro), letting them know the fastest route to take from their exact location.

Town Mapper

The purpose of this software is to guide users through challenging commutes by advising them which subway to take and where to board or exit. The software also aids users in navigating buses and other non-MTA options, like the NJ Transit, PATH, and even ferry possibilities, in addition to the subway.

The app’s best feature is that it also offers an estimated cost based on when you travel. This informs them of the potential cost depending on their mode of transportation.

Navigation & Live Traffic on Waze

This app is ranked #2 in the navigation category due to its crowdsourced traffic data, which informs users of the best and worst routes to take. The app also alerts users to things like construction, police activity, and other circumstances that might result in increased traffic.

Waze also has a distinctive method for calculating an estimated arrival time based on real-time traffic information. Users will be able to better predict how long their trip might take thanks to this.