How to Create a Custom Icon Pack for Android

How to Create a Custom Icon Pack for Android

In this article, we’ll show you how to create a custom icon pack for Android that you can use to replace your existing icons. If you’re tired of the standard icons that come with your Android device, why not create your own custom icon pack? With a few simple steps, you can have a unique and personalized look for your phone or tablet.

Create a Custom Icon Pack for Android
Create a Custom Icon Pack for Android

What You’ll Need

Before we get started, you’ll need a few things:

  • A computer with a text editor (like Notepad++) installed
  • An image editing software like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP
  • An Android device running on a recent version of Android (5.0 Lollipop or later)

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Design Your Icons

The first step to creating your custom icon pack is to design your icons. You can use any image editing software to create your icons, but make sure they are all the same size and shape. A good size for icons is 192×192 pixels. You should also make sure your icons have a transparent background.

Create a Custom Icon Pack Template

Once you have all of your icons designed, you’ll need to create an icon pack template. This is a file that tells Android which icons to replace with your custom icons. To create your template, create a new file in your text editor and add the following code:

"title": "Your Icon Pack Name",
"package": "com.your.packagename",
"icons": {

Replace “Your Icon Pack Name” with the name of your icon pack, and “com.your.packagename” with a unique package name for your icon pack.

Add Your Icons to the Template

Next, you’ll need to add your icons to the template file. Under the “icons” section of the file, add a new line for each icon you want to replace. For example:

"title": "Your Icon Pack Name",
"package": "com.your.packagename",
"icons": {
"ic_launcher": "ic_launcher.png",
"ic_settings": "ic_settings.png",
"ic_calendar": "ic_calendar.png"

In this example, we’re replacing the icons for the launcher, settings, and calendar apps. Make sure the names of the icons match the names of the icons in your app drawer.

Package Your Icon Pack

Now that you have your icons and your icon pack template, you’ll need to package them into a single APK file. To do this, create a new folder on your computer and name it “res”. Inside the “res” folder, create a new folder called “drawable”. This is where you’ll put all of your custom icons.

Next, copy your icon pack template file into the root of your new folder. Finally, rename the folder to “yourpackagename”.zip.

Install Your Icon Pack

To install your custom icon pack, transfer the APK file you just created to your Android device. Then, open a file manager app on your device and navigate to the APK file. Tap on the file to install it, and then go to your device’s home screen.

You should now see your new custom icons on your home screen and app drawer!


Creating a custom icon pack for your Android device is a great way to personalize your phone or tablet. With just a few simple steps, you can have a unique and personalized look for your device that sets it apart from everyone else’s. So why not give it a try today?

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1. What is an Icon Pack?

An icon pack is a collection of customized icons that are used to replace the default icons of applications and folders on your Android device. They allow you to personalize your device and give it a unique look and feel.

2. Why Create a Custom Icon Pack?

Creating a custom icon pack allows you to express your creativity and design skills, and to give your Android device a truly unique look and feel. It can also be a great way to share your work with others and to contribute to the Android community.

3. What Tools Do You Need to Create a Custom Icon Pack?

To create a custom icon pack, you will need a few tools:

  • A graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, or GIMP
  • An Android device or emulator to test your icons
  • An icon pack template, which can be downloaded from the internet
  • A tool to create the APK file, such as APK Editor or Android Studio

4. How Do You Design the Icons?

Designing the icons is the most important part of creating a custom icon pack. Here are some tips:

  • Start by sketching your ideas on paper or using a digital sketch pad
  • Keep the design simple and easy to recognize
  • Use a consistent color palette
  • Use shadows and highlights to create depth and dimension
  • Test the icons on your device to make sure they look good in different sizes and resolutions

5. How Do You Package the Icons into an APK File?

Once you have designed your icons, you need to package them into an APK file that can be installed on your Android device. Here are the steps:

  • Create a new project in your APK editor or Android Studio
  • Import your icon files into the project
  • Create an XML file that defines the icon pack’s name, version, and other details
  • Build the APK file using the tools provided by your editor or Android Studio.