How to Locate Your Vehicle With a Smartphone App?

How to Locate Your Vehicle With a Smartphone App

How to Locate Your Vehicle With a Smartphone App?

Do you frequently forget where you parked your vehicle? In this article we will help you how to locate your vehicle with a smartphone. If you parked in a crowded lot, it may be simple to lose track of it.
But don’t worry, you can note where you parked and easily find it again with the right smartphone app.

You may log the location of your car using Google Maps and Apple Maps.
While numerous outside applications can also assist you in finding it. Let’s explore all of your possibilities.

How to Locate Your Vehicle With a Smartphone App

Google Maps can be used to locate your vehicle, albeit some of the procedures vary slightly between iOS and Android.
Open Google Maps on your phone after you’ve parked your car, then hit the blue pin to get your current location (and parking spot). To add a location to the map, press Save parking entry.

Android users can additionally enter notes with additional location-specific information.
If you are parked at a meter, you can even specify a certain amount of hours and/or minutes that you desire to park for.
If you wish to convey your location to yourself or another person, you can also tap Share.

Locate Your Vehicle With a Smartphone App

Now that you have highlighted the position on the map, you will know where to go back to your parked automobile. To get detailed driving instructions to your automobile, simply tap the pin and select Directions and Start.

How to Locate Your Vehicle With a Smartphone App


You need to make a few adjustments before you can use Apple Maps to find your parking space.
Make sure Location Services is turned on by going to Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services on your iPhone. Your passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID may be required. After that, flip the switch next to Important Locations on.
Next, activate the Show Parked Location switch under Settings > Maps.

How to Locate Your Vehicle With a Smartphone App

Open Apple Maps and look for the blue Parked Car pin on the map, then tap it, if the notification doesn’t appear, you don’t use CarPlay, or your phone isn’t connected over Bluetooth.
If you can’t find it, try typing “parked car” into the search bar, and it should come up.

Look for the blue Parked Car pin

For a visual representation of the area around your car, use the Edit Location button. Additionally, you can add a message with more information and click the Add Photo option to take a picture of your vehicle and the location.

Open Apple Maps and tap the Parked Car pin whenever you need to locate your vehicle. To follow walking directions to your parked car, choose Directions and then hit Go.

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Parked Car Locator

Parked Car Locator for Android

Android users can zoom in on their current location by tapping the compass icon in Parked Car Locator.
To set your parking, hit the Park Here icon and then tap OK.
Simply use the app when you need to locate your car and follow the arrow.

Find My Car

Find My Car - GPS Navigation for Android

Find My Car – GPS Navigation is a straightforward Android software that makes it easy to record your car’s location and then locate it. Tap the Park button after opening the app.
Then you can take a picture of your location and write a message to it.

Open the app once more, then tap the Find My Car option when you’re ready to get back to your car.
The software will take you to the correct location if you simply follow the direction of the pointer.

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