Live lyrics testing on YouTube Music new casting UI

YouTube Music

When YouTube Music is shown on a Smart TV, the album cover, song title, and artist are often the ones being centred on the screen. However, the programme will make room for live lyrics that scroll with the current verse thanks to the redesigned Casting UI.

Live lyrics for music on YouTube

Live lyrics will be added to YouTube Music in a redesigned Casting UI. According to a report from 9To5Google, the streaming service launched tests so that some users may try out the most recent upgrade.

To create room for live lyrics that scroll with the current verse and are highlighted in white, the album cover image, song title, and artist name have been moved to the right and are now left-aligned text. The previous centred UI will return if lyrics are not currently supported by the platform.

The artwork in the background is still visible, although it is blurred. When the song is finished, users will also receive a “list of credited songwriters,” which is remarkably similar to the end credits in a movie.

An image of the new Casting UI when streaming YouTube Music from an Android phone to a Chromecast Ultra was posted by Reddit user U/PmMeYourChromebook. The new user interface was compared to Apple Music’s own live lyrics by the OP.

Introducing the Feature

Many people are not surprised by the new Casting UI because YouTube Music hinted back in October at the announcement of the MusixMatch partnership that they would be adding more Lyric capabilities in the future. Since the debut, Google reported that “there was a beneficial influence on lyrical consumption rates.”

According to 9To5, this feature has not yet been implemented broadly. The Google team started casting to a number of gadgets, including Chromecast 2 and Chromecast with Google TV, however it doesn’t seem like Live Lyrics are yet available.

Additional Streaming Services

This feature would be useful on the Nest Hub and other Smart Displays in addition to Chromecast Ultra. Late in 2018, Google Play Music made this functionality available, and Spotify announced that they would do the same this year.

Compared to Spotify and Apple Music, the Now Playing screen for YouTube Music is merely static and lacks any lyrics that have been highlighted. It is yet unknown whether the mobile Now Playing feature will be updated to emphasis the lyrics similarly to the new Casting UI.

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Through Android 13 Quarterly Platform Release 1, Google has added support for Google Cast devices in the audio output switcher (QPR1). The first application to implement this feature will be YouTube Music.

To enable the new audio output switcher with Cast compatibility, application developers for media-playing and streaming applications must first implement the feature. By doing this, customers can switch audio to another device without having to unlock their phones and launch the media player software.