Microsoft Introduces a New Xbox App Compact Mode

Microsoft Introduces a New Xbox App Compact Mode

The tech giant Microsoft has added a new feature to its gaming environment called Xbox App Compact Mode. This shows that Microsoft is still committed to making the user experience better. With this new feature, players can interact with the Xbox platform differently, making the interface more straightforward.

As gaming remains a significant form of entertainment for millions worldwide, Microsoft’s release of Compact Mode shows its commitment to giving players easy-to-use tools and flexible choices that will help them get the most out of their gaming experience.

As a result of the introduction of products such as the Valve Steam Deck and the Lenovo Legion GO, portable personal computer gaming is experiencing a boom in popularity. However, the difficulty is in converting typical gaming interfaces to smaller screens, which may result in complications about usability.

Microsoft has responded to this worry by releasing a significant update to its Xbox software, designed to accommodate players constantly on the move.

Compact Mode for Enhanced User Experience

According to the claim that The Verge published, the most recent update from Microsoft includes a new mode called Compact Mode that is tailor-made for smaller screens.

In response to the increased popularity of portable gaming consoles like the ROG Ally and the Valve Steam Deck, the Xbox app endeavors to improve the user experience to accommodate these devices better.

When the sidebar is in Compact Mode, it is transformed into a sequence of simple icons to navigate, which maximizes the amount of screen real estate available for the most crucial text and information. This innovative move in design reduces the time consumers have to spend navigating through complicated menus on relatively small displays.

How to Activate Compact Mode in the Xbox App

Users can activate Compact Mode by clicking on their profile in the upper-left corner of the application and then toggling the “Compact Mode” option around.

How to Activate Compact Mode in the Xbox App

Microsoft cooperated with prominent portable gaming hardware makers such as Asus to establish this view as the default configuration. The goal of this collaboration was to ensure that the gaming community would have a gaming experience that was both uninterrupted and easy to understand.

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Xbox App Adopts New Features Besides Compact Mode

According to PC World, the Xbox software upgrade includes several other enhancements that, in addition to the Compact Mode, increase the overall quality of the gaming experience.

To simplify the user experience, notifications have been improved to only display alerts that have not yet been viewed. Additionally, the release of the “Gaming Services Repair Tool” works as a troubleshooter, effectively repairing any difficulties associated with the Gaming Services necessary to launch the Xbox software on a personal computer.

Aside from that, customers can now redeem prizes on their console using phone authentication, adding flexibility to redeeming rewards.

It should come as no surprise that Microsoft intends to prioritize its gaming advantage over other competitors in the industry. They may be paying attention to the comments and suggestions of the consumers this time around to create a gaming experience that is more user-friendly for PC gamers, whether they are playing at home or on the move.

The Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S significantly dropped European sales despite the applied upgrades. From the beginning of the year until the end of 2023, sales of next-generation consoles in the United Kingdom fell by 23%, as reported by Tech Times.

Because Microsoft is having difficulty competing with other gaming companies, it is common knowledge that the console battle is not in Microsoft’s favor.

Given that the corporation is having trouble satisfying the requirements of console gamers, the next step in its strategy is to move its focus to personal computers and mobile gaming to attract a new group of clients.

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