Netflix Has a New Star Electric Vehicles, Coming to Top Shows This Year

Netflix Has a New Star: Electric Vehicles, Coming to Top Shows This Year

Later this year Netflix Has a New Star Electric Vehicles, Love is Blind, Queer Eye, and Unstable will cast EVs thanks to a new agreement between Netflix and GM. But this month’s events begin with a Netflix Super Bowl ad.

While Kate Bush’s music streaming money from Stranger Things has been great (along with Eggos), Wednesday helped a 12-year-old Lagy Gaga song climb the rankings. The streaming service is currently considering an agreement for product placement in 2023.

Starting with a Super Bowl ad on February 12, General Motors will supply Netflix Has a New Star Electric Vehicles to be featured in programmes and films. In the coming year, the Chevrolet Bolt EUV, GMC Hummer EV Pickup, and Cadillac Lyriq(Opens in a new window), respectively, will be featured on Love is Blind, Queer Eye, and Unstable.

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The new agreement seeks to increase cultural understanding and instruction on electric vehicles. Directors will have complete creative discretion over how EVs are used in their productions, according to executives from both firms. According to Marketing Dive, GM is not paying Netflix as much as they would for a standard advertisement (Opens in a new window).

Deborah Wahl, global chief marketing officer for GM, asserts that “Entertainment has a big impact on culture.” (Opens in a new window) We seek to popularise EVs on streaming, small, and big screens to create an EV culture through narrative that includes EV driving and ownership experiences.

All of the chosen programmes are humorous, and two of them are reality TV. To expose audiences to the idea of EVs in well-known Netflix Has a New Star Electric Vehicles series, the Super Bowl commercial depicts comedian Will Ferrell driving in GM EVs with characters from Army of the Dead, Squid Game, and more.

As part of the agreement, Netflix also consented to enhance the sustainability of its productions. According to Netflix, the corporation is also making efforts to improve its productions’ sustainability “behind the camera” by electrifying and decarbonizing the rest of their energy use after optimising it.

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By 2035, GM will only be selling zero-emission passenger cars, and by 2040, it will have completely eliminated its carbon footprint. However, considering the size of its battery and the quantity of materials needed to create it, the 9,000-pound, enormous Hummer EV that will appear on Queer Eye this year is questionable in terms of sustainability(Opens in a new window).

Netflix will next take action against password sharing.