Samsung Plans to Release Android 14 More Rapidly Than Android 13?

samsung Android 14

Samsung wants a swift rollout of Android 14 across all of its smartphone models, including foldable, flagship, and mid-range devices.

Samsung wants to make improvements to the upcoming version of the mobile operating system even though it is proud of how quickly its extensive lineup of devices received the Android 13 update.

Because of this, getting your hands on Android 14 might be easier for Samsung phone or tablet users than it was for other manufacturers.

Samsung wants the rollout of Android 14 to be quicker than past versions.

samsung Android 14

Samsung is now bragging that it has distributed Android 13 to its devices as quickly as the renowned tech giant could, according to the most recent news report by 9to5 Google.

The phone manufacturer boasts that the Android 13 rollout speed across all of its devices has been “dramatically reduced.” The tech company claims that it only took two months or about 60 days to release Android 13 to users.

To date, the One UI 5.0 update for Android 13-based older tablets and midrange devices has not been released. However, the new mobile operating system update is now accessible for its other entry-level and flagship products.

Nevertheless, it appears that the phone manufacturer wants to hasten the rollout by next year.

The South Korean juggernaut claims that it intends to hasten the release of the upcoming Android and One UI update, which is probably going to be dubbed “Android 14-based One UI 6.”

Given that, it may only take a few months for the upcoming update to begin rolling out to the renowned phone manufacturer’s devices.

According to the tech behemoth, “strengthening cooperation with Google” is a goal. It would also “actively listen to user feedback to continue updating One UI faster and with higher perfection,” in addition to all of the above.

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Android 13-Based One UI 5.0 from Samsung

A recent report by GSM Arena claims that Samsung has already made its older mid-range flagship competitor, the Galaxy A52, compatible with its One UI 5 software, which is based on Android 13.

The update for its brand-new foldable offerings, including the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4, arrived shortly before the release of its mid-range phone.

Notably, the newer A-series phone, the A53, already has the most recent Android 13 update installed a week before its predecessor did.

Additionally, Samsung claims that its other flagship models, including the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20, and Galaxy Note 20, have received the new update.