Soon, Opera Web Browser Will Include ChatGPT AI Technology


Opera parent firm, Kunlun Tech, announced plans to include ChatGPT into its software.

According to CNBC, the company made the announcement on February 8; however, no other details are given on the timing or if the capabilities will be available across all of Opera’s products. The aforementioned products include iOS and Android desktop and mobile browsers.

This information was released after Microsoft, Google, and other tech companies, notably Chinese-based Baidu and Alibaba, announced their plans to incorporate AI chatbot functionality into their goods and services.

The popularity of ChatGPT has exploded since its launch at the end of November 2022. OpenAI developed the ChatGPT app with support from Microsoft.

Market Performance of Opera

Google and Microsoft have revolutionised the web search market as their most potent AI is integrated into their systems. Google builds their search engine using the Bard AI, whereas Microsoft utilises Bing and Edge.

According to Statcounter data for the month of January, Microsoft’s Edge has a 4.5% global market share compared to Google’s Chrome’s 65.4%. Opera is ranked sixth among all browsers with a 2.4% market share.

Due to the success of its browser designed specifically for gaming, the Norwegian corporation Opera had 321 million average monthly active users as of the third quarter of 2022.

A 28% increase in revenue year over year, bringing quarterly revenue to $85.3 million, was credited by the company to the success of its gaming browser sector for the rise in sales.

A publicly traded company with its headquarters in Beijing, China, Kunlun Tech trades its stock on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In December 2022, the company announced that all of its AI-produced media, including music and images, would be made available under an open-source licence.

For the year, the stock price of Kunlun Tech has climbed by more than 40%. The price of Opera’s Nasdaq-listed stock increased by just over 10% during the past three months.

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The Entrance of New Rivals

Several companies have introduced their own ChatGPT-like products in a race to market.

According to statements made this week, the Baidu chatbot, which was created in-house by the Chinese internet giant, is anticipated to be ready for general distribution in March. Wenxin Yiyan, or Ernie Bot in English, is the name of the AI chatbot project in question.

Alibaba has also admitted that it is working on a ChatGPT substitute, though no release date has been specified.

How these extra AI capabilities would compare to ChatGPT’s capabilities is unknown.

According to Statcounter, Google has a remarkable 96.5% market share in the mobile search market, with Baidu coming in distant last with just 0.7%.