Users can now add notes to their new and old passwords thanks to a new update to Google Password Manager.

Google Password Manager

Users should soon anticipate a new update for Google Password Manager. According to the rumours, will soon permit users to add their notes to their passwords, whether they are new or old.

The business announced a few weeks ago that the future functionality is anticipated to be included in the January 2023 Play System upgrade.

Update To Google Password Manager Allowing Notes

With the impending upgrade to Google Password Manager, you will soon be able to add comments to your passwords.
The search engine behemoth claims that a new feature for Google Password Manager will soon allow users to make notes on their current/old passwords, as XDA Developers reported on Thursday, Jan. 19.

Along with the developer tools that will be added over time, Google notes on its support website that other enhancements to the Play Games profile are anticipated.

Additionally, the business will make the platform’s present QR code scanner more functional.

In this approach, users will be able to scan gallery photographs from their devices as well as use UPI and Matter codes they can obtain from third-party camera apps.

According to the changelog, the update may soon enable developers to use new app services related to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

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Important Fixes

  • Bug fixes for the services linked to Account Management, Security & Privacy, System Management & Diagnostics, and Utilities [Phone, Wear OS].


  • (Mobile, PC) increasing the number of users and use cases that the Play Games profile supports.

Shop on Google Play

  • You can now find the apps and games you enjoy thanks to new features.
  • Downloads and installation are now quicker and more dependable thanks to optimizations.
  • Play Protect is always being improved to keep your device secure.
  • various bug repairs, performance enhancements, and security, stability, and accessibility upgrades.

Safety and Privacy

  • You can use your [phone] password manager to save numerous passwords to your Google account and access them on a variety of websites and devices. You can now add notes to both your old and new passwords thanks to the new modification.


  • Visual and technical improvements to the Wallet mobile web experience [Phone].

Creator Services

  • New developer tools for Google and third-party app developers to support Device Connectivity and developer services related to machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in their apps. [Phone]
  • [Phone] Update the platform QR scanner to handle handling Matter and UPI codes from OEM cameras and to allow selecting an existing photo.

System Administration

  • [Phone] Updates to System Management and Usability services that enhance Network Usage, Device Connectivity, Device Performance, Privacy, Security, Stability, and Usability

What You Can Do to Prevent Android 13 From Copying Your Password

One of the worst app-related experiences is having your passwords copied. Your privacy is important to you, hence the Android 13 OS should guarantee that every user has the option to turn off this feature.

According to PC World, you can get rid of this by granting your password manager app access to autofill. As an alternative, you can change your password manager.