7 Amazing HR Training Tools To Make Your Life Easier

7 Amazing HR Training Tools To Make Your Life Easier

Several types of HR training tools can benefit from the usage of HR training tools. They can be utilized for soft skill development, new hire training, product training, and other purposes.

The methods you utilize to train your staff greatly influence how much they will learn.

We are aware that businesses must effectively train their workforces. Yet it’s not that simple to discover good HR training software. There are numerous choices available, but not all of them are equal.

This blog post will assist you in focusing your search on the top seven HR training tools. For more information, keep reading.

ProProfs Training Maker

Authoring capabilities are available in this cloud-based LMS software for developing online training programs. A lot of individuals produce courses with Training Creator and sell them online.

There are several ready-to-use templates and courses for various business training on the official ProProfs website. It is a complete LMS that enables platform integrations from outside sources.

Very comprehensive

This platform provides countless options for managing online learning & development because of its integrations with ProProfs quizzes, knowledge base, live chat, training tools, etc. Whatever your needs are, this LMS can simply meet them.

Can be used for branding

Users that utilize ProProfs can brand their courses by adding logos, color schemes, themes, and other visual components. This will not only increase your employees’ devotion to you, but it will also allow you to market your brand when offering courses to outside customers.

ProProfs key features

  • tools for creating content and courses
  • Tests, surveys,
  • Tests, surveys, and quizzes
  • branding attributes
  • unbroken integrations
  • Conversation
  • ¬†collaboration in a virtual classroom
  • Certification

Talent soft

The majority of this tool’s functionality are geared towards personnel management because that is what it is intended for. Via internal reporting, on boarding, hiring, and sourcing, it may assist you in training your team and enhancing performance.

Although Talent soft is geared towards large, global corporations, it scales effectively to meet the demands of both mid-sized and small businesses.

Around 1,500 businesses use the program to train millions of workers all over the world.

Talentsoft key features

  • Gamification
  • Free test
  • multilingual assistance
  • Visual conferences
  • SCORM conforming
  • Creating courses on mobile devices
  • blended education
  • Learning in sync and out of sync

Sky Prep

Several people laud this LMS for being adaptable, simple to use, and useful. No matter what field you are in, SkyPrep can assist with your training needs. Several businesses value the pleasant enhancements it brings.

Uploading pre-existing courses

You don’t have to discard learning materials that your organisation already has and that you would like to use. You can use learning routes and maximize your current resources with SCORM packages.

Auto grading

You can automatically grade your courses in addition to designing or include quizzes and questionnaires. The platform calculates the findings and communicates them with you as soon as the student completes a test or survey.

Foolproof security

SkyPrep has amazing security features including the HTTPS protocol, login verification, SSL-certification, and many more because it is designed for corporate organisations.

SkyPrep key features


  • verification of login
  • Automatic grading
  • Reporting in real time
  • domain limitation
  • tracking and analytics
  • Course sale and distribution
  • course development


Lessonly is a well-liked HR training platform since it offers a variety of time-saving features and strong course building facilities. Users can produce unique pieces of content and distribute them to individuals or groups of people.

HR managers can distribute learning resources to the appropriate areas with the use of numerous tools provided by Lessonly. Also, they can use the application to raise student productivity.

Creating mobile-ready content is easy

It’s simple to create training materials that are mobile-friendly using Lessonly. Managers only need to decide which device they are creating content for. Making flexible training materials that can be accessed on various devices is simple.

Invite others to create courses

Because managers can invite anybody they wish to design courses, Lessonly is special. Even your staff members can contribute and aid in the creation of more effective lessons.

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Lessonly key features

  • Several content kinds are supported by PDF exporting.
  • no cap on lessons
  • Adaptive Learning Paths for Mobile
  • feedback mechanisms
  • academic library

SAP Litmos

You can conduct all kinds of HR training tools on the broad platform provided by Litmos LMS software. Every piece of training-related data can be stored on it. It has a wide range of applications and can be utilised successfully by both small and large firms.

It helps manage learning processes effectively

You won’t have to waste time on user profile creation and access management with SAP Litmos. Instead, all of these activities are simplified, allowing you to concentrate on modifying your leader boards and gamfying learning methods.

The program lets you track company compliance while sending automated notifications and reminders. To gauge their training progress, learners can look through their tasks and checklists. HR managers can also use analytics and reporting to broaden their perspective.

Supports over 22 languages

More than 22 languages are supported by this HR training program. So, it won’t be a problem to train students of different countries in a language they can understand.

SAP Litmos key features

  • multilingual assistance
  • Gamification \sIntegrations
  • generating reports
  • Build quizzes to sell courses online
  • TinCan and SCORM support for mobile
  • assessments and surveys


A relatively contemporary learning management system (LMS), TalentLMS has been in use for some time. It is simple to use for instructing staff, partners, students, or even clients. Many customization options, SCORM and TinCan support, mobile friendliness, and cloud storage are all features of this product.

Easy to use

As simple as they come, TalentLMS. There is no requirement for data backup, updates, or laborious setup

Simple visual interface

You may easily learn how to utilise TalentLMS even if you have never used a learning management system before. It has a polished look that is yet user-friendly for beginners. To make navigating simpler, everything has a suitable label or icon.

TalentLMS key features

  • Supports SCORM Evaluations and TinCan API
  • feature evaluation
  • encourages social learning
  • Reporting
  • Mobile-friendly
  • support for multiple languages
  • Gamification in course creation
  • blended education
  • Visual conferences


For large businesses that need to manage a huge number of users, there is eFront. It has every essential functionality, including scalability, personalized branding, reporting, and multilingual support.

This LMS software is designed for contemporary businesses that want to provide their staff the most cutting-edge learning tools and foster a culture of trust.
Visual conferences

Effective compliance and certification management

Both certification and compliance can be achieved with eFront. For compliance that requires recertification, predetermined scenarios or intervals can be created.

Blended learning

Online study or instructor-led training are both options available to students. Conventional classes can be delivered through video con

nce or in person. Also, the site allows for offline learning, and users can download the materials.

Easy training content management

Users can utilise their previous learning materials or produce new content with eFront. Your courses can include videos, papers, and presentations.

eFront key features

  • unique design
  • specific branding
  • Surveys
  • Assessments \sTests
  • Learning avenues
  • Gamification in blended learning and eCommerce
  • Certification and conformity
  • one-stop reporting

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