Top 5 Employee Training Software You Need to Know About in 2021

Top 5 Employee Training Software You Need to Know About in 2021

We handpicked five of the best employee training software programes that any organisation might use after thorough analysis.

ProProfs LMS

A cloud-based employee training software programme for all levels of experience, ProProfs LMS. It has applications in all types of businesses. It makes corporate training simple by assisting you in developing and delivering useful online training courses.

There is a paid library of 100+ customizable courses and templates you may use to speed up course production.

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To centralize training, there is support for virtual classrooms.

You can start surveys and quizzes to evaluate your students and get immediate feedback on the quality of your instruction.

The software’s real-time AI-powered reporting and analytics allow you to see information on your learners’ engagement, progress, performance, and other aspects.

A Q&A forum, an internal knowledge base, and an online learner portal are just a few of the helpful resources included in ProProfs LMS.


A cloud-based staff training programme that does all the work for you is called Docebo. It is a potent online training programme that provides five simple tools for managing and training the workforce that are based on AI.

They consist of:

  • For efficient learning and development, learn LMS.
  • Formula for producing captivating training materials
  • Content for obtaining ready-made educational materials
  • Using learning impact to measure and enhance training effectiveness
  • Learning analytics for making data-driven business decisions and gaining actionable insights

Any of these items are available separately.Over 35 third-party integrations are supported by Docebo.

You can use the technology to customise learning routes, make training more engaging, and promote social learning. On their own analytics pages, your students can even keep tabs on their progress.

Every component, including the pre-made courses from the tool’s library, is fully customizable. The drag-and-drop interface will make it simple for you to develop courses if you decide to do it yourself.

SAP Litmos

One of the most advanced staff training software programmes available is SAP Litmos.

It provides two options:

  • SAP Litmos Education
  • Material for SAP Litmos Training

You have access to a huge collection of regularly updated video-based training courses through the content solution.

Use the integrated content writing tool in the training solution to build courses from scratch.

For optimum engagement and knowledge retention, SAP Litmos has gamification and incorporated AI elements.

Create personalised learning paths, incorporate quizzes and video assessments, and enable social learning by adding multimedia. For tracking progress and performance in real time, you can benefit from in-depth reporting and analytics.


SkyPrep is a user-friendly online learning management system created for compliance, onboarding, and development training. It’s excellent for maximising the potential of your staff through continual, position-specific, or development training.

It offers an interactive virtual classroom with built-in web conferencing facilities, including films, whiteboards, screen-sharing, and more. It supports instructor-led training and live webinars.

Existing content can be uploaded, used in subsequent classes, and linked with other courses to establish learning pathways. You can make use of gamification tools, automated grading, sophisticated analytics and reporting tools, and several third-party interfaces.

This can increase your ability to retain information and provide immediate feedback.

Tovuti LMS

One of the most feature-rich employee training software solutions, Tovuti LMS provides all the tools you could possibly need to onboard or upskill your staff.

For constructing interactive, gamified, and social learning courses from scratch, there are built-in course authoring tools.

An integrated library contains hundreds of pre-built content elements, including bite-sized films, presentations, and other eLearning assets for microlearning.

Custom learning pathways, tests, interactive films and presentations, among other things, can all be made.

Tovuti LMS provides lesson gating, a virtual classroom, and personalised student portals to guarantee a linear learning experience.

You may create unique reports and receive knowledge from in-depth statistics that display the performance, engagement, and growth of your students.

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