5 Best Apple Apps for Self-Care and Healthy Well-Being

Apple Apps for Self-Care and Healthy Well-Being

People who want to start healthy habits need to take care of themselves. When your routine doesn’t match your goals, you might not be as good at a certain task.

No matter what is going on, everyone should make time for themselves. Taking care of yourself is an important part of having a healthy mind and body.

Check out some of the best Apple apps for self-care and healthy well-being you can download to learn more about how to put your well-being first.

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Best Apple Apps to Use for Self-Care

Choosing a way to healthy is an important step toward a meaningful life. Self-care can be strong if a person is self-disciplined in everything they do.

Some apps can help you take care of yourself the way you need to. You can also download them right from your Apple device, which is even better.

1. Remente

If the videos you watch on your iPhone are all about life coaching, it can be a healthy habit. You can do this by downloading Remente and watching the helpful videos about setting goals and getting better.

Remente helps you be more productive than usual by giving you a list of all the good things you did that day. This is your self-care journal and a good way to keep track of your mental health as well.

2. Ten Percent Happier Meditation

Ten Percent is another Apple app that you can use right away. This app was made by Dan Harris, who has been telling people about the benefits of meditation.

Ten Percent is an app that also has more than 500 meditation lessons and other content related to meditation. You can learn about it through podcasts and books.

You should get this app because it’s easy to use and has a lot of helpful guides for people who are having trouble. This app will help you take better care of yourself as you go through life.

3. Bloom

Sometimes, all you need to improve your mood and mental health is some talk therapy. This is why Bloom is still one of the best self-care apps for iOS.

From mood checks to videos on self-care, this app has everything you need. After all, Bloom takes care of your mental health so that you can slowly get less anxious.

4. Fabulous

As of press time, more than five million people had downloaded this “award-winning app.” Elite athletes who want to get better at self-discipline often use this app.

To play sports, a person doesn’t just need to have a healthy body. There’s something wrong with your health if your body is healthy but your mind isn’t.

Fabulous tries to solve this problem and only gives you the good vibes you need. To download it, click here.

5. Kognito

Kognito is a 45-minute web-based training simulation that teaches students, faculty, and staff how to recognize signs of mental health problems, distress, and suicide, as well as how to talk to and refer at-risk students. You can get to this app through Canvas.


With these apps, we hope to literally put mental health resources in the hands of students so they can use them when they need to. We know that some of our students have trouble getting to mental health resources. These new partnerships are meant to make it easier for students to get the help they need and improve their health.