How to Set Up a Printer and Print From a Google Chromebook 2022

Print From a Google Chromebook 2022

Even though Google Chromebooks are used for online tasks, there are times when you still need to print important letters or documents.

Printing from a Chromebook is easy, which is good. But there are some printers that don’t work with the laptop anymore. Follow the steps below to be able to start printing.

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Add a Current Wireless Printer

Let’s say you already have a printer that can connect to the internet and isn’t too old. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t need any extra services to add it to your Google Chromebook, according to The Verge.

First, make sure the printer is turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromebook.

How to connect a printer to Wi-Fi depends on the model, but there is usually a Wi-Fi option on the printer’s display, either as an icon or in the settings menu.

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If the printer is already set up and online, the next step is to click the clock in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Next, click the icon that looks like a gear to go to the settings page. Type “Print” into the search box at the top of the settings panel, and then choose “Add Printer” from the drop-down menu.

To finish pairing, click on your printer’s name in the list that appears and then click the setup button. There’s a chance that an older printer will show up on the list, but it might not automatically set itself up.

Just put the maker and model in the box that comes up. If that doesn’t work, though, you’ll have to do it by hand, according to DigitalTrends.

Add An Older Wireless Printer

If your printer is not on the list, you will need to click the “Add Printer” button. Give the printer a name, and in the Address box, type the printer’s IP address.

The IP address can be found in the printer’s menu. Try looking in its settings for a section about how to set up the network or wireless.

Don’t change anything in the other two fields and click the “Add” button. Then, type in the brand and model of your printer and choose the right options as they appear. When you’re done, click the “Add” button.

Connect a Printer to Your Google Chromebook

If you have an older printer that can’t connect to the internet or if it can connect but you can’t get it to work by hand, don’t worry. A USB cable can be used to connect your printer to a Chromebook, according to Go Guardian.

Just connect one end of the cable to your printer and the other to your Chromebook. Adapters may be needed for this process, depending on the type of cable you have and the ports on your Chromebook.

You might see a pop-up message telling you to set up your printer. Just click on the pop-up, choose “Add Printer,” and then follow the instructions on the screen.

If you don’t want to do that, open the settings, type “Print” into the search box, and then click “Printing.”

Users of the Google Chromebook can also turn off their Wi-Fi logins so that their location can’t be tracked.