Apple Might Introduce An ‘Ultra’ iPhone 16 Tier in 2024

Apple Might Introduce An 'Ultra' iPhone 16 Tier in 2024

When it introduces the iPhone 16 next year, Apple may include a new high-end “Ultra” tier that sits above the Pro and Pro Max models, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg (Opens in a new window).

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Apple CEO Tim Cook said that buyers might be convinced to pay extra for more feature-rich, powerful iPhones in a recent earnings call(Opens in a new window).

In a new window) with the ‘Ultra’ branding, as Gurman suggested last year, but it now appears that the business is currently talking about adding ‘Ultra’ branded iPhones, apparently in time for next year’s iPhone 16 release.

Given that the entry-level iPhone Pro Max costs $1,099, a more expensive Ultra version of the iPhone might be out of reach for many people. Gurman points out that Tim Cook is optimistic that consumers will be willing to pay more for more expensive smartphones.

When asked whether growing iPhone sales prices were sustainable during the results call, he responded, “I think people are ready to really stretch to have the best they can buy in that area.”

Cook used the fact that iPhone users are now dependent on their smartphones to perform a variety of daily tasks, such as paying for goods in stores using Apple Pay, controlling smart home devices, and checking their health and financial information, to support his claim that consumers would be willing to pay more for higher-end phones.

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It would need to offer a variety of new features in order to get customers to spend more. According to Gurman, Apple may also discontinue the charging port in favour of wireless charging in addition to releasing “additional camera enhancements, a faster chip, and even an even larger display.”

Apple has already employed Ultra branding for its new smartwatch and the top-tier M1 chip, as Gurman points out in his Power On email. In an effort to further set its Pro and Pro Max models apart from the ordinary lines, Apple has already tried to add extra functionality to them. Analysts predict that the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max will include an upgraded zoom and periscope lens(Opens in a separate window).