Couple Used Apple AirTag to Track Luggage, Found It was Donated to Charity

Couple Used Apple AirTag to Track Luggage, Found It Was Donated to Charity

A newlywed Canadian couple spent months searching for their luggage with the help of the police, many disputes with Air Canada, and an Apple AirTag before learning that it had been donated to a charity.

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Nakita Rees and Tom Wilson, honeymooners returning from their trip, misplaced their luggage after being instructed to recheck it on a connecting aircraft in Montreal.

They chronicled their experience using TikTok updates(Opens in a new window).

After landing in their native province of Ontario, they discovered that their Apple AirTagged luggage was still in Montreal, according to Business Insider (Opens in a new window).

After months of searching, they discovered that the airline they had flown with, Air Canada, had given their luggage to a good cause.

Air Canada provided the following comment to CBC(Opens in a new window): “This client travelled toward the end of the summer, when all Canadian airlines were still getting back on their feet following the systemic disruption of the whole air transportation business brought on by COVID. An increase in baggage delays was one effect.”

Wilson’s bag was located in Etobicoke, just outside of Toronto, according to the Apple AirTag inside after the couple reported it as lost luggage, Rees said on TikTok (Opens in a new window).

This came after it was claimed that the bag had been transported from Quebec to the Ontario storage facility through a roadway.

Rees noted in a second TikTok that the AirTag indicated the bag had stopped at two households en route there (Opens in a new window).

The couple arrived at the storage facility and asked a manager at Toronto Pearson Airport for assistance, but he had never heard of the facility.

They had received compensation of $2,300, reportedly the legal maximum for lost luggage, which Rees claimed covered a third of the value of what was inside the luggage, Insider reports.

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At this point, the police arrived at the facility and let the pair inside. According to reports, the storage facility was filled “floor to ceiling with bags.”

The couple learned that their bags had been donated to a charity—whose name they still don’t know—that reportedly used the storage facility—through the police.