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Cyber Threat Report: Major Breaches for the Travel Industry

Recently, Which? investigators and cybersecurity professionals found hundreds of data security flaws for well-known travel providers like Marriott, easyJet, and British Airways.


The top 5 Major Breaches for the Travel Industry with the highest risks found were Marriott, EasyJet, and British Airways.
This serves as a helpful reminder that all businesses, no matter how big or little, are vulnerable to cyberattacks.
Every vulnerability needs to be taken seriously and fixed right away.
Use these best practises to stay cautious when it comes to your cybersecurity:

Continuous Education: Security is the responsibility of every employee.
Because it is so simple to become a ransomware victim, it is essential that all of your staff are familiar with all security procedures in order to safeguard the data of your business.
A single malicious attachment download or click on a bad link might compromise and damage the network of your business.
Every employee has a responsibility to act responsibly online to avoid a cyber-attack.

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Have a Proactive Disaster Recovery Plan: While maintaining regular data backups is important, having a disaster recovery solution goes above and beyond to reduce downtime and guarantee that data recovery occurs quickly following a ransomware attack.
The kind of information your company stores should be taken into account when designing your backup and disaster recovery strategy.
Create a solution that works best for your company by identifying your most important IT assets and your tolerance for downtime. Major Breaches for the Travel Industry with the highest risks found were Marriott, EasyJet, and British Airways.
Immediately after installation, keep an eye on your backup and disaster recovery system to make sure that your data is backed up, validated, and protected.

Think Like a Hacker: Take into account your busiest hours or your go-to vendors. Cybercriminals are also considering this as they look for a network vulnerability to attack.

Hackers are clever, and they swiftly adapt to new situations to deceive users. They will do everything it takes to get into your network thanks to their cunning strategies and in-depth technological understanding.

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Change All Passwords Regularly: For malevolent attackers, usernames and passwords are the keys to the kingdom.
Criminals that have mastered the art of breaching security can quickly acquire hundreds, even thousands, of credentials at once, each one representing a possible entry point to compromise the network and data of your firm.