Email Marketing Campaigns: 5 Best Email Verification Tools in 2022

Email Verification Tools

Many people assert that the rise of social media and messaging apps has made email an outmoded or forgotten form of communication. However, you are conscious of the necessity of email and verification methods in your online presence as a business owner. Tools for email verification make it easier to share marketing content with customers, improve consumer conversion rates, and interact with them more.

Indisputable evidence suggests that having a growing email list may tip the scales in your favor. However, how can you verify the emails that people enter when they sign up for your newsletter or offers? Although it may seem unimportant, it requires time and effort. We’ll share with you our top 5 email verification tools, together with a description of their benefits and capabilities, to assist you with that.

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What is an Email Verification?

As the name implies, email address verification programs examine your email list and run a number of checks to find and eliminate any fraudulent or insecure email addresses. They are preserving the reputation of your email server by doing this. But more crucially, it can increase click-through rates, conversion rates, and delivery rates. These measurements enable you to assess the success potential of your marketing initiatives.

How can I Verify an Email Address?

It might be less difficult to confirm each person as a startup with a limited email list. The simplest way to verify is to send a test email. The addressee is false if an email is returned as undeliverable. However, if your business expands, this may grow tiresome. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through this process to authenticate every email address on your mailing list thanks to our list of the top 5 email verification services.


Bouncer is one of the leading email verification tools with a plethora of excellent features without zero downtime. This email verification service offers the highest market reach and performance of up to 200,000 validated emails every hour per client.

One of the best email verification tools, Bouncer has a ton of great features and never has any downtime. With 200,000 emails verified per client every hour, this email verification service has the broadest market penetration.

Features like email Toxicity Check and Deliverability Kit are included in a comprehensive solution for both the Enterprise and SMB divisions. These improve deliverability and allow for holistic client care. Additionally, Bouncer includes a sizable collection of integrations that may be used to distribute goods and services across all emails, automate email marketing, and more.

Key Features

  • Email Checker and Email Verifier: Bouncer allows you to drag and drop your email list, which can contain up to 1 million addresses, into our email checker for quick and simple email verification. Then, just let it handle the rest. It will decide which addresses can be deleted and which are suitable for emailing.
  • Bounce Estimate: The only email verification service that gives you advice on what to expect after sending your campaigns is Bouncer. They will use their algorithm to analyze your complete list and determine how many of them will rebound as a result.
  • Free Email Verification Sampling: You can evaluate the quality of your list with Bouncer’s free service without manually going over each email address. Based on a randomly selected sample of your list, Bouncer will let you know whether it is ready to use or whether it needs to be cleaned. When validating lists, this can help you save time and money.
  • Data Safety: By default, Bouncer complies with GDPR. All emails entered are encrypted and anonymised throughout the system, and their data centers are situated on EU soil. Your verification results can potentially be manually deleted. After 60 days, it will be automatically erased if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. Their service is built on trustworthy infrastructure from companies like Netflix and Amazon AWS for further protection.
  • Email Verification and Validation API: The Email Verification API from Bouncer is a straightforward but effective way to provide your IT system access to the most precise and effective email authentication and validation functionalities. This offers a variety of synchronous and asynchronous endpoints to meet your most sophisticated email requirements. Also, know that the information about you and your clients is safe.
  • Toxicity Check and Deliverability Kit: The toxicity check ascertains whether your email list has any toxic email addresses, such as those that have been widely disseminated or compromised, or those that are connected to complainers, litigants, or potential spam traps.

The delivery kit, on the other hand, verifies whether your message reached the inbox. This verifies your identification, checks blacklists, evaluates your inbox placement across different email providers, and notifies you when something goes wrong.

Bouncer now ranks among the highest rated items on Capterra and G2 thanks to these features, receiving an average rating of 4.8 stars from more than 200 reviews. Over 10,000 companies from six continents have trusted its authentication and delivery technology. They might have only started in 2017, but their main goals were to enhance human-to-human email communication and help people establish and maintain email connections. However, they are currently the market’s top email verification tool.


  • To prevent you from losing contact with your clients as a result of improper email classification, high accuracy with a bias toward false negatives is used.
  • Provides thorough market coverage by inexpensively confirming email addresses hosted by a variety of email service providers, such as deep catchall Google Workspace and Office365
  • Between 0.3 – 3 % of the outcomes are unknown.
  • High performance is attained through rapid and high-quality verification, as well as significant rate-limiting.
  • Every hour reviews up to 200,000 emails from each client
  • Top-notch email verification solutions, but with a simple and intuitive user interface
  • Dependable, secure, and with zero downtime

Furthermore, Bouncer offers perpetual on-demand email verification credits that you may use anytime you need them. Paying for “unknown” results or duplicate email addresses in your list is not necessary.

You start out with 100 free credits, and you may expand at your own pace thanks to volume-tiered discounts. Additionally, Bouncer has a satisfaction guarantee program. In the event that you are dissatisfied with their services, they will give a refund or credit.

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A well-known email verification service called ZeroBounce is used by well-known and prosperous businesses like TripAdvisor, Allstate, and others. It has a variety of verification techniques and integrations. With a monthly cap of 100 times, its free email verification plan looks for spam baits, emails that create hard bounces, and accounts that frequently mark emails as spam. In addition to detecting and removing false addresses, it also does so for misspelled ones.

Your complete email list is uploaded for authentication by their bulk email list verification service, saving you time. Additionally, you can use their single email verification function to individually verify each email you believe to be invalid. Additionally, a real-time verification API will be available to you, preventing false and inaccurate emails from being added to your mailing list. Simply incorporating it into your forms is all that is required.

Their vital customer data, which ZeroBounce serializes to valid email addresses on your list, is arguably their most beneficial tool. It extracts data that can include the name, gender, location, and other specifics of your subscription. Then, similar to other programs that produce email verification links, it also communicates with standard email providers and services so you may use them easily.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Verify individual and batch emails for validity.
  • Integration of a real-time API with your sign-up forms
  • Analyzes your email lists to determine your client demographics
  • Integration of email service
  • Safe and secure method


You can utilize SalesBlink’s email search to get the email addresses of leads by searching for their first name, last name, and corporate domain. There is no restriction on the number of single or bulk searches you may conduct. In fact, verified email addresses can be obtained from a database containing over 250 million emails.

This email verification tool ensures that your full marketing message is sent to the mailbox of your prospect. They give you with emails that are 99 percent verified to ensure that your pitch reaches its intended target. There is no maximum number of emails that can be discovered. Even searching for a single email address or importing a CSV containing several addresses is possible.

You do not need to purchase a separate email searching and verification tool. Simply switch to Salesblink; everything will be downloadable in CSV format. You may leverage their email monitoring capability to extend the functionality of your website. Prepare to monitor email views, clicks, and responses in order to make informed decisions based on the provided data.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Real-time verification of email in bulk or individually
  • Permits you to evaluate emails from their countless databases
  • Unlimited email search functionality
  • Enables email tracking and email retrieval depending on domains.


Mailfloss is a simple email verification application that works with a variety of email servers and allows you to check your whole email list in bulk. It streamlines the email verification processes so that you may focus on your business. It is compatible with numerous email service providers, including MailChimp, Sendinblue, and Mailerlite, among others.

This tool detects invalid email addresses, temporary emails, duplicate emails, and even spam traps. Additionally, it filters emails with hard bounces and checks for syntax errors. It enables you to connect to your choice email marketing platforms or upload your mailing list as a CSV file to perform mass cleaning. Mailfloss cleans your email list on a regular basis for email marketing companies that you add to the platform. There are additional options to whitelist and ban certain addresses.

You may also choose which emails should be removed from your list or unsubscribed from. This prevents the application from deleting valid emails. Mailfloss integrates directly with a large number of email marketing service providers, similar to other solutions.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Contains mass email list authentication
  • Does daily automated email cleanup
  • Optional whitelist/black list
  • Lets you manage discarded emails
  • Compatibility with email marketing services


EmailListVerify is yet another well-known email verification service utilized by some of the world’s most well-known organizations, such as MailChimp, Shopify, and Rackspace. Over the course of their activities, they have processed more than five billion email addresses.

It performs multiple tests to find and remove invalid email addresses from your list. Emails associated with unauthorized, inactive, or abandoned accounts, as well as temporary and duplicate emails, are discarded. In addition, the application searches for spam traps, syntax errors, and emails with a high probability of bounce.

Simply submit your list in many ways to obtain a list with a higher than 99 percent deliverability rate. Additionally, single email verifications are feasible. Then, by integrating its API into the registration, opt-in, and sign-up forms on your website, you can delete invalid email addresses in real time by prohibiting form submissions until the user inputs a valid email address.

It is compatible with the majority of email marketing platforms. If your platform is not listed, you can always upload a CSV, XLS, XLSX, or TXT file with your list. There is also a pay-as-you-go option. As the number of emails reviewed increases, the cost per check drops.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Verifies emails in bulk
  • Utilizes its API to link to your workflows.
  • Compatible with leading email marketing platforms
  • Utilized by the most prestigious names in the industry

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What is the Best Email Verification Tool?

Working on your email marketing is part of securing and ensuring your brand’s online growth. Then only will you be able to raise sales or customer happiness? It is also crucial to verify the legitimacy of the email addresses to which you are connected. False or inactive email addresses on your list will only hinder your growth and cost you money.

With the top five email verification tools, this should not be a problem. Based on their features and benefits, we strongly recommend Bouncer and ZeroBounce for the task at hand. However, if you have other tastes, Mailfloss, SalesBlink, and EmailListVerify might also perform well for your email marketing efforts.