How to Become a Professional Faceless Virtual Star

Become a VTuber

As the number of people who watch VTubers grows, so does the number of people who want to become VTubers. Someone who has their own online channel and uses it to post videos that people all over the world can watch is called a “VTuber.” They often use a virtual character to represent themselves, which is why they are called “VTubers.” Many successful VTubers, like Kaguya Luna and Mori Calliope, have never said who they really are or where they live. Every year, these creators make millions of dollars, but no one knows anything about them except what they share on live-streaming sites like Twitch and YouTube.

What gear do you need to become a VTuber?

VTubers need to buy a high-end computer with a lot of storage space and a powerful graphics card. You need a webcam that you can connect to your computer and that can track movement.

The most popular VTubers use a blue screen and green room setup, which is basically just walls with one color on them in the background of their vlogs. This makes it look like everything is happening in an empty virtual space when they move around.

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How much does it cost to become a VTuber?

Depending on the camera, lighting, computer equipment, and VTuber software like VTuber Maker, it costs between $500 and $2,000 to become a popular VTuber. As a virtual streamer, it’s pretty easy to get started because there are a lot of online guides to follow or get a general idea of what vloggers need to make good content. You can save money by using VTube and live broadcasting on your phone instead of an outside camera that tracks movement.

Facerig, Luppet, VTube Studio, and Vroid Studio are all pieces of software that VTubers use to make changes to their vlogs. They let you use face tracking and motion capture to make a virtual mask of your face and facial expression that VTubers can use as their virtual avatar in videos.

What are the pros and cons of being faceless?

Many VTubers say that becoming an online content creator is less stressful because you don’t have to worry about what people think of your digital avatar or how they react to it. If they don’t like it, they stop watching or unfollow. But one problem could be that VTubers need to make their videos interesting so they don’t bore their viewers. This can make them feel stressed when they try to keep up with their daily vlogging schedules.

The VTuber, vlogger, and vblogger communities are very open to new virtual personalities because they are made up of people from all over the world who live in different cultures. The people in the global community are open-minded about their views on life, which they can then share with other faceless virtual character creators from all over the world.

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How do I earn money as a VTuber?

Brands have started working with VTubers because they offer a cheap way for companies to reach their target audience by giving them relevant content that will affect their wants and needs.

When people start blogging, VTube, or live streaming, one of the best things they can do is make an editorial calendar for themselves. This will help them stay focused on their goals and objectives. Every successful faceless creator needs to be consistent and make good content with a creative twist that is different from what has been done before.

Most VTuber success stories talk more about how many subscribers they have than how much money they make. For a younger VTuber, promoting themselves or having a sponsor opens up a lot of doors, like getting invited to parties and paying their social media bills. The more popular you are, the more requests for sponsorship you will get.

Ways to be successful as a faceless creator

Share things that are important to you, because VTubers are always looking for authenticity. Watch VTubers with a lot of subscribers, like Japanese VTubers Kizuna Ai, Ami Yamato, Ai Angel, Projekt Melody, and Code Miko, and see what they do. Ask for feedback to help you improve, and if you need help, ask for it. Make things that will be interesting to other people, but also keep yourself interested.

Fans can relate to the vlogs because they are written from the first-person point of view and talk about everyday things. VTubers are what we all want to be: young, creative, and successful in a way that isn’t possible offline.

If you want to make money and have fun at the same time, I suggest you try VTubing. As a virtual YouTuber, you can make your own VTuber avatar, dress it up, and then start streaming content that fits your interests. This gives you new ways to make money and lets people see you as more than just your everyday self or what you’re wearing.