Here’s Why the Apple iPhone SE 4 is most likely to be cancelled or delayed until 2024.

iPhone SE 4

According to recent tweets by renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple iPhone SE 4 may be shelved or postponed until 2024.

The manufacturer of the iPhone appears to be debating postponing or delaying the launch of its next-generation low-cost mobile handset.

The fourth-generation iPhone SE was the subject of numerous rumours this year, but it might not be released anytime soon.

The Apple iPhone SE 4 may not release or may do so after 2024.

Apple iPhone

According to the most recent Mac Rumors report, expert Kuo is now claiming that Apple is planning to cancel or delay the manufacturing of the iPhone SE 4.

Two options are presented by the renowned expert for the next-generation cheap iPhone.

The IT giant might altogether scrap it or put off the release date until 2024. With the latter, Apple might forego a non-flagship iPhone release in 2019 or 2023.

According to rumours, the future iPhone SE 4 will not have the stale appearance of its predecessor, which was last seen in the iPhone 8 series. Instead,

According to rumours, Apple is developing a low-cost phone with a full-screen design, similar to the iPhone X series. However, according to Kuo’s most recent projections, this may not receive much attention any time soon.

Kuo says in his recent tweet that “Apple will likely cancel or postpone the mass production plan for the 2024 iPhone SE 4.

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Why did Apple decide to scrap the next iPhone SE 4?

The Apple analyst also offered his opinion on whether the upcoming iPhone SE 4 would be delayed or cancelled.

The current-generation iPhone SE, the iPhone 13 mini, the final small-sized Apple flagship, and the brand-new iPhone 14 Plus, among others, may have had poor sales, he suggested in a tweet.

Additionally, Kuo hypothesised that the additional expense of creating a full-screen design for the budget device may have a significant impact on its cancellation or delay. Not to mention that the SE model’s beginning price might increase as a result of its contemporary appearance.

The iPhone 12 is currently the least expensive iPhone model that still has a seamless full-screen appearance, according to a recent article by 9to5 Mac. But it currently retails for about $600.

The latest iPhone SE, on the other hand, only costs $429 in the US. But because of the alleged new display design, the price may go up dramatically.

In spite of all of this, the analyst added that the Cupertino company “may need to reevaluate the product positioning. Additional to that, the E 4’s return on investment is quite important.