Oppo Unveils All-Glass Devices: Will Metal Be Used in Smartphones in the Future?


A brand-new all-glass technology that Oppo has unveiled may successfully replace metals. Although it hasn’t yet been shown, the business entertained the idea and may pursue it in the future.

A new phone concept that Oppo is considering has integrated glass or an all-glass unibody

Oppo, a global leader in technology, hopes that its new concept phone, the Integrated Glass or All-Glass Unibody, will alter how people view smartphones. In place of metal frames, an all-glass body is used in this new, completely distinct style of smartphone design.

A very significant utilitarian benefit of the distinctive design is that it enables a smooth, uniform design that gives the phone a sleek, contemporary appearance. The smartphone industry may shift as a result of the new technology, according to a Giz China article.

In addition to its Deep and Reflective Surfaces, the Phone Still Has a USB-C Port at the Bottom.

The phone includes a USB-C connector on the bottom, as mentioned by Notebook Check, but its back is what really stands out because of how deep and reflective it is. This gives it the appearance of liquid or possibly a futuristic work of art.

It’s a design choice that will likely be admired by individuals wishing to add a touch of modernism to their appearance and sense of style.

The Oppo Find X6’s features and specifications are unknown because the company has not yet released the model.

In order to further demonstrate their commitment to seeing this all-glass unibody become a reality, Oppo also unveiled smartwatches, headphones, and eyewear with a similar all-glass design. Fans have suggestions as to what design modifications the upcoming Oppo Find X6, the Chinese brand’s official flagship, may contain, albeit it is not yet confirmed if this technology will be used.

The X6 appears to replace the trapezoidal form of earlier Oppo products with a larger rectangular camera module. This module, which is located in the centre of the back surface, will have a Hasselblad logo, suggesting a partnership between Oppo and the renowned photography company.

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To Support the Delivery of High-Quality Content, the Oppo X6 Will Probably Use a Marisilicon Y Chip.

The Marisilicon Y chip, a coprocessor made to support high-quality films, images, and other multimedia, will probably be used by Oppo in the X6.

Although it is yet unknown whether the Oppo Find X6 will have an all-glass unibody design, it is obvious that Oppo wants to push the limits of smartphone design in every way. Oppo can add more innovation and creativity to the conventional smartphone with their ground-breaking all-glass unibody concept, and who knows, maybe one day all of our gadgets will be constructed entirely of glass.

When the Oppo All-Glass Zero-Metal Smartphones Will Arrive is yet unknown.

Since there hasn’t yet been a single all-glass smartphone, Oppo would have an advantage over rivals should it successfully produce an all-glass, zero-metal smartphone.

The length of time the feature will take to build or whether it will ever materialise are still uncertain. Fans will still need to take this lightly while they wait for more information from Oppo on the all-glass smartphones.