How to Automatically Remove Google Activity and Location History in 2023

How to automatically remove Google's activity and location history in 2023

Everything you do on your smartphone or web browser is known and stored in Google activity. How much information Google has on you is unsettling. You can disable the automatic collection of your device’s and web browser’s browsing history and other information by the search engine giant.

Chrome, Google Photos, Gmail, YouTube, and other Google apps that you use on your Android phones keep track of your online activity and store a lot of personal data about you. Your location data, web search history and activity, YouTube watch history, voice search history, payment methods, and passwords are all included in this information.

You can monitor your web and app activity, location history, search history, and YouTube history using the “Data and Personalization” section of Manage Google Activity. However, Google also gives you the option to enable or disable voice and audio recording, as well as location tracking. To keep track of your ongoing Google Chrome activities, use “My Google Activity.”

Activating auto-delete

To stop the search engine giant from tracking you, follow the instructions below to delete your Google Web & App Activity.

Click on Settings in Google Chrome.

Click the three dots in the top right corner of your Google Chrome browser to bring up a drop-down menu, then select “Settings” from the list that appears. To continue, click on “Settings”.

To manage your Google Account, click.

Go to Settings and select the “Manage your Google account” link. In front of you, another window will open.

Please select Data and Personalization.

Select “Data & personalization” from the left-side menu by clicking there. Third on the menu, that is.

Click on Web and App Activity.

Find the “Web and App Activity” option by scrolling down the page and selecting it.

After selecting “Choose to delete automatically,” click “Manage Activity.”

Click on “Manage Activity” immediately beneath the “Web and App Activity” section, and then click “Choose to delete automatically.”

When you want to delete Web & App Activity, choose that time.

Various options are available in the “Choose how long to keep your Web and App Activity” window, including “Keep until I delete manually,” “Keep for 18 months,” and “Keep for three months.” By choosing your preferred option and clicking “Next” to confirm, you can move forward.
With this new feature, which Google first announced earlier this year, you can also automatically delete location and history data. To prevent Google from storing your activities under the Web App activity section, you can turn off tracking. The user decides how long Google should keep his activity data.
Based on your usage and history, Google can make search and advertising recommendations. You can decide whether to keep it in order to receive better recommendations or to delete it in order to safeguard your privacy.