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How to Move Up the Waitlist for Microsoft’s ChatGPT-Enhanced Bing

Despite the fact that ChatGPT-style search on Bing isn't yet generally accessible, Microsoft provides some advice on how to get on the waitlist and begin experimenting with the AI chatbot.


Microsoft made a big splash last week by unveiling a Microsoft ChatGPT-enhanced Bing. Google has long dominated the market, making. Its search engine the punchline of jokes. But, this new version of Microsoft’s web search caught people’s attention. It can write stories, itineraries, menus, emails.  More as well as conduct research for you.

The contentious ChatGPT service’s developer, OpenAI, and Microsoft collaborated to create the new capabilities. Which might put Google in actual competition.
Although the feature is still not accessible to all web users, you can join the waiting list to test it out, as seen below.
Nonetheless, the list is fairly extensive: Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president of Microsoft. Recently tweeted that millions have joined.
The rollout method was described along with a queue.

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How to Try the New ChatGPT-Enhanced Bing

How to Try the New ChatGPT-Enhanced Bing

To test out the Microsoft’s ChatGPT-Enhanced Bing integration for the time being, you’ll need to sign up for a waitlist. Visit this page.
You can get on the list by logging in with your Microsoft account. After that, a button to “Get Faster Access” will appear.

Microsoft provides a few ideas on how to rise to the top of the list. These are the steps (which the utility download on the Faster Access page automates). That, according to Microsoft, will speed up your access to the new features:

  •  Bing as your primary search engine.
  • Set MSN as your default homepage.
  • Save as a taskbar icon.
  • Adding websites to Favorites that Microsoft recommends.
  • Make a shortcut for Microsoft Edge on your desktop.
  • For your smartphone, download the Bing app.

Naturally, MacOS users are unable to use the Windows defaults, but I was able to use the Quick Access link on a MacBook.
The Bing wallpaper was where I ended up, so that might have sped up access. Moreover, Firefox gives that alternate browser the Bing plugin. Installing the mobile app on an iPhone is also an option for Apple customers.

Getting the New Bing in the Edge Web Browser

Getting the New Bing in the Edge Web Browser

If you’ve been following Microsoft’s announcements. You are aware that the Edge web browser will also soon have the new AI conversation and text-generation features. It is accessible on both Linux and macOS in addition to Windows. Not to mention, the Bing website and mobile app will also have access to the new AI technologies in addition to being embedded into Edge. To test out the Microsoft’s ChatGPT-Enhanced Bing integration for the time being, you’ll need to sign up for a waitlist. Visit this page.

Similar to Windows, there is a programme called Edge Insider that allows users to preview new features that will be included in software updates in the future. I believed that by installing the preview build, I would have access to the new AI search. But, in each of the browser’s three preview builds, my waiting list status remained the same.

It thus appears that there is no short path to getting off the waiting list.
Nevertheless, if you follow Microsoft’s instructions, you should be able to access the new search features more quickly.

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