How to Pick the Right Canon Lens for Your Camera

How to Pick the Right Canon Lens for Your Camera

Do you know how to pick the right canon lens for your camera? We will tell you how to pick the right canon lens for your camera. Currently, Canon sells three different types of interchangeable lens cameras, each of which use a different lens. Because of this, purchasing new lenses may be a little more challenging than with other brands.

Determine whether you have a Canon Rebel SLR, an EOS M model, or an EOS R mirrorless body as the first step in your search. To assist you in deciding what kind of lens to purchase, we have outlined all of these differences below.

Here’s a hint: Your Canon camera probably belongs to the first type, an SLR with an optical viewfinder, if you’ve had it for more than a few years.

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Canon SLRs: EOS Rebel, x0D, and xD

When Andre Agassi, a wild-haired tennis star, served as the company’s spokesperson during the film era, Canon began using the Rebel moniker for its consumer SLR series.
The Rebel line survived the transition to digital technology by using APS-C format digital sensors in place of 135 film cartridges.
However, camera lines from the 10D to 90D, as well as the 7D and 7D Mark II, all share the same sensor format and lens mount. Midrange digitals didn’t use the branding.
Both full-frame compatible EF lenses and APS-C compatible EF-S lenses are compatible with these cameras.

Readers outside of North America take note: Canon doesn’t use the Rebel branding there. The series is known as Kiss in Japan, and Canon uses model numbers with three or four digits in Europe; two examples are the EOS 1500D and 800D.
According to recent sources, Canon is discontinuing the Kiss and Rebel models as it switches to mirrorless cameras instead of SLRs.
But when choosing a lens for an earlier model, this information may be useful.

If you don’t know anything about cameras, you can easily differentiate an SLR from a mirrorless model because it has an optical viewfinder and when you take the lens off, you can see a silvered reflective mirror within the camera.

Canon EOS M: The First Try at Mirrorless

Canon EOS M50

The other ILCs from Canon are mirrorless. They are divided into two lines with non-interoperable lens systems.
The first, the EOS M, was introduced in 2013 and utilises EF-M lenses. Your camera uses an EF-M mount if its model name begins with the letter “M.”
This covers all EOS M models, from the original to the most recent EOS M6 Mark II, as well as the EOS M100 and M200 series and the EOS M50 and M50 Mark II.

Regardless of model designations, EOS M cameras lack an optical viewfinder and a mirror box while being slightly smaller overall than SLRs.

The EF-M mount hasn’t received as much support from Canon as its other lens systems
The lenses that are readily available typically have small, dim apertures.
For photographers who don’t want to spend a fortune on heavy F1.4 primes or F2.8 zooms, this system is a better choice.

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There isn’t a large selection of lenses, but if you don’t mind using a large lens on a small body, these cameras can use EF and EF-S SLR lenses with an adapter.
Click through to discover our selections for the top Canon EF-M mirrorless lenses if you’re looking for a new lens for your EOS M series camera.