How to Tweet When Twitter Is Down

How to Tweet When Twitter Is Down

Do you know how to tweet when twitter Is down? Don’t worry we will tell you how to tweet when twitter Is down. You are most likely here because Twitter won’t allow you tweet. You have two options: save your tweet to draughts or try again to use the web app.
The daily maximum for tweets is 2,400 per day, so it’s unlikely you did that if you used the site itself.

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Since Twitter no longer has a press department to contact and its owner has curiously not tweeted about this situation, nobody seems to know what’s going on. Elon Musk shouldn’t have been able to tweet after what I just stated.
since they have managed to find a method. (Never underestimate someone who can’t live without scanning Twitter.

tweet box with calendar icon circled

You must schedule your message before tweeting.
Enter your tweet at and then click the calendar icon. The tweet can be scheduled here for one or more minutes in the future.

dialog box for scheduling a tweet

Change the date because the default is set for five days from now if you wish to tweet right now.

Now you can tweet away until something else breaks!

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