In Raiders of the Lost Ark, how does the auction house operate?

In a few days, Smilegate’s Lost Ark will be fully available in North America and other western regions. Gamers are preparing to log in and try their luck in the Arkesia world. Early access is available to players that purchased the Founder’s Pack for their Lost Ark accounts, allowing them to play ahead of the majority of other players. There is one element in Arkesia that players may find perplexing as they grind their way to becoming stronger. Gamers need to know a few things regarding the ARPG’s Auction House, whether they’re seeking for character equipment or selling items for profit. Because the Auction House and Lost Ark’s trading system are both complicated, this guide will walk players through everything they need to know.

What is the auction house for the Ark of the Covenant?

Aside from stunning graphics and engaging starting classes, the Lost Ark MMO also has an Auction House that will play an important role in the players’ overall experience. The mechanics used by players in Arkesia to buy, trade, and sell items, equipment, and other consumables are described in this feature. Because silver is only used for buying stuff from NPCs and other game functions like item maintenance, gold is used for all of the items in this trade system. Furthermore, the Lost Ark Auction House allows cross-server trading, with the proviso that these are region restricted. All NA-West servers, for example, can trade with one another.

What exactly is The Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Smilegate RPG created the game, which is an ARPG. The Korean MMO has gameplay that is comparable to that of other popular ARPGs like Path of Exile and Diablo. The game boasts great images, stunning graphics, and excellent setting and character designs. One of the things that sets it apart from other ARPGs is its aesthetic appeal. Unlike the gloomy and bleak settings of PoE and Diablo, Lost Ark presents players with a colorful and vivid environment in which they can grind Lost Ark gold to their hearts’ content.
The world of Arkesia is the setting for Smilegate’s ARPG. The planet is on the verge of doom at the time of the players’ arrival, as the demon lord Kazeros is ready to break free from his centuries-old volcanic confinement. The demon ruler aims to wipe out all life in Arkesia with his host of demons. Gamers are immediately thrown into battle as they are charged with discovering and reclaiming the Lost Ark, an ancient relic that was previously used to imprison Kazeros.

The Auction Tab and the Bidding Tab are the two main tabs in the Auction House. The Auction tab displays things that can be purchased immediately at fixed prices that may change from time to time. Equipment and artefacts can be found under the Bidding tab. In this tab, players will have outbid each other in order to receive or acquire the items in question by staking more gold than others.

The Tab for Auctions

The majority of the items sold in the Auction Tab are generally or have been used by other players before. Consumables such as recuperation items, combat goods, sealed books, and other stuff will make up the balance of the inventory. The clothes are the only items in the auction page that have not been pre-used. The items in this area are divided into various categories. The categories on the Auction Tab are as follows:

Adventure Book 
Equipment Chests 
Seal Books 
Enchant Materials 
Combat Goods 
Chests of Miscellaneous Gems
For better browsing, these categories are further divided into subcategories. This section includes a rudimentary filter function that allows users to search for objects based on their grade or tier level.

The Bidding Section

The Bidding page displays player-wearable equipment as well as any other gear-related items. This section’s filter method is more complicated than the one on the Auction tab. Players can sort offers in this section using the filter system by item type, class, skills items have, skill level of skills things have, and other perks. This part also provides players with various presets or templates of filters, allowing them to load them and search for specific objects without having to tick boxes over and over.

There are two acquisition methods in the bidding tab: bidding and buyout. The item is awarded to the highest bidder or the player who provides the most gold during bidding. In the meantime, the buyout is a price set by the sellers at which gamers can purchase products without having to go through the bidding process. Buyouts are much more expensive and time-consuming than bidding.

Players can mark numerous things in the bidding section as favorites to make them easier to find. By tagging an item as a favorite, players can avoid having to search for it or utilize the filter system to find it. Players can also check the quotes or pricing history of the offerings. Gamers may compare current and previous costs for any item on the Bidding tab by looking at the price history. This function assists gamers in determining how much they should charge for products they are selling or how much they should spend on desired equipment.


The Bidding tab differs from the Auction tab in that every item purchased through the Bidding tab requires both gold and peons. Peons are a type of gold coin utilized exclusively in the Auction House. Login quests, daily quests, and blue crystal purchases are all ways to get peons. While bidding always necessitates the use of this form of cash, some items in the Auction area will also necessitate the usage of peons. The majority of this equipment is pre-owned or second-hand. Because Lost Ark will be available to everyone on February 11, knowing how the Auction House works will assist gamers avoid wasting Lost Ark money and peon. Furthermore, knowing how the auction works will make it easier for gamers to navigate around the feature, whether they are wanting to buy or sell products. As the release date approaches, gamers should prepare to equip their characters, regardless of their Lost Ark classes.