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what is corporate influencing and how it helps businesses by businesspally

In order to achieve your desired goals, you should consider a few things, because in addition to all the opportunities, there are also some risks behind the corporate influencer concept.

What if employees spread false statements or there are voting difficulties?

To prevent this from happening, we would like to give you a few tips.

Tips to employing corporate influencing

When selecting the employees who will act as corporate influencers for you in the future, it goes without saying that they should be satisfied employees.

Because those who enjoy their work can best and most authentically present this to the outside world.

And that’s exactly how the posts of the corporate influencer should be: honest and real.

 It is also advisable to select a heterogeneous group. A group of employees who come from different departments, have different backgrounds and have different family backgrounds is suitable for this.

These individual stories are particularly interesting for the followers.

At the same time, the diversity of your company and activities can be represented in the best possible way.

According to business pally, A key success factor is trust.

A corporate influencer creates content independently, for which the trust of the company is a basic requirement.

The core task of corporate influencers is to convey the personality and authenticity of the employees and their content, which would not be possible if contributions were checked before publication.

Nevertheless, guidelines can provide a kind of framework within which workers can move freely, giving them security.

An example is agreeing on specific hashtags to be used on any post.

Another way to offer security on the one hand and to increase the willingness to act as a corporate influencer on the other is that your corporate influencer contentprovides support that they can refer to when planning their individual contributions.

In addition, the cooperation of the HR department with the corporate influencers makes sense in order to pursue your corporate goals.

On the one hand, training courses should address legal aspects and, on the other hand, can explain how social media works and the various functions of the tools.

In order to motivate your employees to become involved as corporate influencers for your company, you should also give them the opportunity to take care of their content during working hours – in moderation, of course.

The corporate culture has a significant impact on the emotions that employees associate with your company, says chaktty.

Anyone who feels they belong and identifies with the company can also represent the values authentically to the outside world.

Here is an overview of the opportunities and risks of corporate influencer marketing for you:


  • Lack of interest on the part of the employees in working for the company as an influencer
  • Lack of planning and framework of the corporate influencer program
  • Employees post unwanted content, which can lead to reputational damage
  • Employees lack social media know-how
  • The project “falls asleep”
  • Employees don’t have time to attend to their posts 


  • You will become an attractive employer brand and no longer need to worry about talented young people and specialists who will fit into your team
  • You increase the awareness of your company, your products and services
  • You win new customers
  • You increase your sales
  • An open and committed working atmosphere develops, in which your employees work with passion
  • The corporate culture is characterized by individuality, appreciation and trust


Corporate influencers offer you the opportunity to use your employees as company ambassadors and create an authentic, personal image. According to Techpally business editor.

 Trust is generated, which has a positive impact on how your company is perceived.

In addition, both potential customers and employees are attracted.

It is ideally suited as a supplement to existing marketing measures.

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