Microsoft Internet Explorer Will No Longer Be Available Starting February 2023

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer

Starting the following year, or more specifically in February 2023, Internet Explorer will no longer be accessible. Microsoft claims that an Edge update has entirely killed the original web browser.

Following Microsoft’s decision to discontinue support for Internet Explorer, the venerable web browser began to fade away on June 15 of last year.

Although it signalled the end of something, it is still partially available. However, that will change starting in 2019.

The following year, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will be retired.

According to the most recent claim from XDA Developers, Microsoft has announced that its Internet Explorer for Windows would be discontinued entirely in 2019.

The web browser has been phased down by the IT behemoth, but it was unclear when it would completely disappear.

But this time, the Remond-based software giant acknowledged that it will entirely disable Internet Explorer starting on February 14 or Valentine’s Day. It turns out that on that day, a Microsoft Edge update will terminate the legacy browser.

Internet Explorer 11 will be completely deactivated for Windows 10 users once the aforementioned Edge version is released.

The prominent IT company earlier claimed that a Windows upgrade is deactivating Internet Explorer, according to a news report by Bleeping Computer. The Redmond juggernaut is now claiming that an Edge upgrade is responsible for the problem.

On February 14, 2023, a Microsoft Edge update, not a Windows update as originally indicated, is slated to permanently disable the out-of-support Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) desktop programme on some versions of Windows 10 PCs, according to a statement from Microsoft.

Due to this, the tech company reports that all devices that can still access Internet Explorer 11 will begin switching to Edge in February 2023.

Therefore, time is running out if you are still using Windows 10 to use the discontinued web browser. You will soon be sent to the Chromium-based Edge.

Is it, however, the final chapter for the original Internet Explorer? Actually not at all. There is still a way to sort of relive it. Up until 2029, Edge will still provide an IE mode.

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Using Microsoft Edge to Access IE Mode

In its analysis, Bleeping Computer mentions that the IE Mode for Edge supports backward compatibility. Given that, this mode enables users to access websites that require the Internet Explorer browser.

Navigate to edge:/settings/defaultbrowser to manually enable it. Turn on the “Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer” option from there. To apply changes, restart Microsoft Edge after that.