NFL Sunday Ticket Package from Apple is No Longer Being Promoted


According to Puck News, Apple has withdrawn from talks for the NFL Sunday Ticket bundle. You may remember that Apple was seen as the front-runner at first.

In the midst of China’s unrest, Apple is experiencing shortages of its iPhone supplies (photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images).
Illinois’s Chicago on November 28th: On November 28, 2022, in Chicago, Illinois, the Apple company emblem can be seen hanging over an Apple retail location.

In fact, it appeared early this year that Apple and the NFL were on the verge of finalising a deal. The negotiations went on though, and it seemed that Apple was reluctant because of the restrictions in the contract.

The NFL Sunday Ticket, which gives customers access to all NFL American football out-of-market games on Sundays, is owned by DirecTV. The cable company, however, has stopped renewing their agreement.

In 2023, Sunday Ticket will therefore have a new partner, and Apple, Google, and Amazon have expressed interest. Every year, the contract is anticipated to be worth between $2.5 billion and $3 billion.

Apple pursued the transaction for a while, but the tech giant appears to disagree with some of the terms, causing it to stall.

The Limitations

Apple is hindered by limitations such as a minimum membership price that will be enforced, local blackouts, and a lack of worldwide rights.

It should be remembered that Apple said in June that starting in 2019, its TV app would stream live MLS games without any local limitations or restrictions. With this, sports fans get access to everything from a significant professional league in one location.

Due to the lack of contractual limitations that they feel will ensure the success of their cooperation with MLS, Apple was able to make it happen. The corporation stated that they also want the NFL to have this kind of freedom.

Sunday Ticket now provides out-of-market fans with access to all local NFL games on Sunday afternoons.

It appears that the NFL will only consider proposals from businesses that are willing to accept the predetermined conditions.a

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It is clear that the NFL is adhering strictly to its rules and regulations as a result. Apple reportedly finds the NFL’s position on the deal’s restrictions surprising and is unable to accept the conditions.

In terms of streaming sports, Apple has been acting strategically. They have been strengthening their ties to major sports leagues and working together to stream their material. Apple will still have many streaming service options if the NFL Sunday Ticket arrangement does not work out for the firm.

More leagues joining the tech giant in the future is anticipated to help the Apple TV app’s sports area grow.