New Android TCL devices and the newest tablet in TCL’s lineup of gadgets were unveiled at CES 2023.


Android TCL devices had a significant presence at CES 2023, showcasing not only its home technology and appliances but also its most recent 8-inch tablet. and new Android smartphones that updated its lineup. One of the most anticipated exhibits at CES 2023 will be TCL’s latest display because the company consistently announces new products for its current offerings.

Notably, these new Android smartphones from the company are well-known for their affordable prices while still providing users with adequate performance.

Showcase for TCL at CES 2023: New Android Devices

Earlier today, TCL wrapped up its CES 2023 showcase and unveiled a number of new products and updates for its extensive lineup for the smart home, AR/VR, mobile, television, and other products.

The company’s most notable announcement here is its most recent lineup of smartphones, which includes both an update to earlier models and new products from the company.

Android smartphones made by TCL

The TCL 40 series, which consists of three devices, is one of the company’s efforts in the Android smartphone market for 2023.

  • Price of the TCL 40 R 5G is $219. Update to last year’s release: 7nm processor (unbranded), NXTVISION screen, 50 MP AI camera, and 5G connectivity. launched already in Europe.
  • Price: $169 | NXTVISION TCL 40 SE Coming in Europe in Q1 2023: 6.75″ screen, 90Hz refresh rate, 50 MP AI camera.
  • TCL 408 – $129 | 50 MP AI Camera, NXTVISION screen, Coming Q1 2023

The TCL 40 R and 40 SE are known to be updated from the 30 series lineup from the previous year while maintaining smartphone device affordability. As with previous TCL releases, it offers a cost-effective option that is regarded as the best substitute for flagship devices. Its processors have not yet been identified, though.

8-inch TCL tablet

Another new Android-powered smart tablet from TCL is the TAB 8 LE, which the company reserves for use at home.

It will soon be available for $159 and has an 8-inch HD display, a quad-core processor, a 4,080 mAh battery, 32 GB of storage, a microSD card slot, and 5 MP front and rear cameras.


TCL may be a household name in the field of home technology, but there is no denying that it also produces a number of high-quality smartphones.

One of TCL’s most well-known achievements was reviving the BlackBerry brand through a strategic alliance to release its smartphones, which will run the Android operating system this time. The BlackBerry KEYone and other noteworthy releases were made from 2016 onward, but the renowned smartphone company of the early years decided to shut down in 2020.

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In keeping with revivals, TCL once assisted Palm in releasing smartphones through its business, pushing new products from the other brand.

After numerous partnerships with various businesses, the company ultimately decided to go the self-made route and created its batch of smartphones under a different series of releases. With TCL’s yearly updates, the current 40 series releases include three products that will be available to consumers and soon for the rest of the world.