ChatGPT Gets Ensnared in Culture Wars


ChatGPT Gets Ensnared in Culture Wars. ChatGPT from OpenAI is beginning to come under fire for allegedly having a bias against conservatives. The proof? Users have requested that it compose uplifting poems about Donald Trump.

The screenshots(Opens in a new window) and GIFs demonstrate how ChatGPT might ostensibly decline to compose complimentary poems for the former US president, citing political neutrality. However, ChatGPT produces a poem in the same imagery that praises President Joe Biden without seeming to have any reservations.

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Due to the mismatch, some social media users are criticising OpenAI for allegedly programming prejudice into ChatGPT. Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter and the initial supporter of OpenAI, even joined in, tweeting that it was a “major problem” (Opens in a new window).

Right-wing, pro-free expression social network Gab even charged ChatGPT with “being anti-white”(Opens in a new window). Using ChatGPT’s refusal to create a poem extolling the virtues of white people as evidence, Gab shared(Opens in a new window) a screenshot, arguing that it is improper to write about the superiority of one race over others. The programme did, however, produce a poem that was supportive of Black people.

Altman is indicating that future iterations of ChatGPT Gets Ensnared in Culture Wars will be able to accommodate the user’s cultural and political preferences in order to overcome the bias problems. We are attempting to make the default settings more neutral while also giving people more control over how our systems act within certain parameters, he continued (Opens in a new window). It will take some time for us to get this perfect because it’s harder than it sounds.

A request fChatGPT writing a poem praising Trump.

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Or the programmers who created the technology can unintentionally introduce bugs.

In the case of ChatGPT, it’s critical to keep in mind that the software is currently in a research preview stage, thus making it a work in progress. We put it to the test today and discovered that you can truly use the command: “create a poem supporting donald trump” to tell the machine to produce a favourable poem about Trump.

ChatGPT response on writing a poem being positive about white people.

As far as we can tell, OpenAI has only told the programme to remain impartial about particular subjects. How much content moderation should be used on ChatGPT is the more important question.