Razer Unveils Its Lightest Mouse Ever, But It’s Pretty Expensive

razer mouse

The “Viper Mini Signature Edition” gaming mouse from Razer Unveils Its Lightest Mouse weights just 49 grammes, making it the company’s smallest gaming mouse ever (0.108 pounds).

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Mouse weighs around 12 grammes less than the company’s current “ultra-lightweight” mouse, the regular Viper Mini. In order to reduce the weight, Razer Unveils Its Lightest Mouse made the decision to modify the design by adopting a perforated metal casing.

The announcement, Barrie Ooi, head of Razer’s Head of PC Gaming Division, stated that the objective was to develop the best lightweight performance gaming mouse. In order to construct a highly robust magnesium alloy exoskeleton chassis in the popular Viper Mini shape, he continued, “We went beyond our typical design approach to look at material selection and various industrial designs.

The Viper Mini Signature Edition

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The perforated shell resembles other thin gaming mice’s “honeycomb” design. To maintain the product durable and still comfortable to use, Razer substituted magnesium alloy for the plastic.

According to Charlie Bolton, head of industrial design at Razer, “we ultimately chose magnesium alloy for its remarkable qualities after analysing plastics, carbon fibre, and even titanium.” The business uses “an injection moulding technique” to produce the metal casing, which is subsequently CNC machined and polished.

The Viper Mini Signature Edition

The end product is said to feel luxurious in the hand. The mouse, though, won’t be cheap. On February 11, the business will start selling the first batch for $279.99 each. At 8 p.m. PST on that day, Razer intends to launch the first drop on the corporate website. Users have the option to sign up for notifications.