Ready for Google’s Version of ChatGPT?


Google’s ChatGPT Version rival as early as next week. On Wednesday, February 8, the business will convene a meeting in Paris to go through its search engine plans.

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The business isn’t saying anything about the occasion. We’re rethinking how people search for, explore, and engage with information, making it easier than ever to find what you need. That’s all the description(Opens in a new window) says.

Join us to discover how, through Search, Maps, and other services, we’re giving more people worldwide access to information.

It’s probable that the event will place less emphasis on AI and more on Google’s traditional goods.
Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, stated that the company is getting ready to release its AI programmes to the general public during an earnings call on Thursday.

“Very soon, users will be able to directly communicate with our most potent language models as a companion to Search in novel and experimental ways. Pay attention, he warned.

Conversation with Google's LaMDA program.

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In 2021, Google released Lamda, a tool that resembles Google’s ChatGPT Version and is meant to mimic human speech. One Google engineer believed the algorithm had achieved sentience because it was so intelligent. However, Lamda was still a prototype at the time, and Google had not yet made it widely available.

This is about to alter. Pichai stated on the results call that “we’ll make these language models public in the coming weeks and months, starting with LaMDA so that people can engage directly with them.”

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