What Has Changed Their Mind Since Twitter Started Restoring Journalists’ Suspended Accounts?


According to Engadget, Twitter has started restoring suspended accounts that broke specific rules. The platform noted several regulations where the permanent suspension was a “disproportionate response for infringing Twitter rules” on its Safety account.

Twitter will lift sanctions as a result every week for the upcoming month. Mastodon accounts and journalistic accounts that were previously suspended owing to new doxing regulations have now been reinstated.

What took place?

Recall that the social media platform has banned many accounts. One of these is @ElonJet, which monitors Elon Musk’s flights in his own aircraft. Bans also applied to other accounts that followed high-profile people and aircraft operated by government agencies.

Musk declared that accounts that are disclosing anyone’s real-time location would be suspended. He added that Jack Sweeney, who manages the @ElonJet account on the site, stalked a car transporting his child and that he will file a lawsuit against Sweeney.

Following that, Twitter suspended Mastodon’s account after it tweeted a link to the account monitoring Musk’s private jet on its own social media platform.

As previously announced, the platform suspended a number of journalist accounts who covered Elon Musk and Twitter. These journalists’ accounts were suspended according to their new doxing regulations based on Musk’s comments.

Musk then published a poll asking if he should reinstate accounts that doxxed his precise location in real-time after suspending the accounts of multiple journalists. Musk guaranteed that these accounts would be restored after the “now” option was chosen.

I tweeted, “The conversation is over. The suspension of the accounts that doxxed my whereabouts has been lifted “stated Musk.

Users “may not publish or share other people’s private information without their express knowledge and agreement,” according to an update to Twitter’s privacy policy.

The UN and the EU condemn the action

After the suspensions, the EU, UN, media outlets, and governments criticised the action. as stated by the UN, “Media liberty is not a plaything. The foundation of democratic society is a free press, which is also a vital weapon in the struggle against harmful misinformation.”

However, the EU asserted that Twitter could face penalties under the region’s new Digital Services Act.

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Too many changes are occurring

Since taking over Twitter, Musk has made a lot of changes, particularly to the platform’s moderation. Additionally, he unbanned a number of accounts before restoring them, including the profile of the late President Donald Trump.

According to the New York Times, Mush has reportedly terminated a number of staff and ceased paying the rent for various offices, including the San Francisco headquarters.