With HDMI Adapters, the iOS 16 Update No Longer Supports DRM-Restricted Content

iOS 16

Several reports claim that using HDMI adapters allows black screen streaming to continue after users discovered that older Apple TV models and AirPlay no longer support content that is protected by digital rights management.

HDMI Adapters Are Not Supported Anymore

With the recent iOS16 update, users of iPhones and iPads can no longer watch and stream content using an HDMI adapter. According to a report from 9To5 Mac, streaming with an HDMI adapter will only result in a black screen for services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and other content with digital rights management restrictions.

Many users discovered the unsupported Netflix AirPlay to Apple TV streaming when iOS16 was made available to the general public. However, Apple made no formal announcements about this restriction.

Users will be presented with a message that says, “This content could not be loaded due to an error. Once more later “when customers try to AirPlay a film or television programme from one of the aforementioned streaming services to an Apple TV generation 2 or 3.

However, this technique was also tested on an iOS 15.7 device, and AirPlay performed flawlessly, even with DRM-restricted content.

These two limitations might be connected. A Reddit user claimed that a Netflix support representative told him directly that using an HDMI adapter on an iOS 16 device is no longer supported. The spokesperson added that since both businesses have already made this decision, it might be permanent.

“About HDMI not working after iOS 16, I just had a conversation with Netflix support. They declared that they had decided to stop supporting HDMI. For those of us who live in remote areas, even just 12 miles from the nearest town, but are unable to access the internet, I watch on my phone “stated the original poster.

Alternative Responses

It is still unknown if there will ever be a solution to this restriction. DRM, however, receives updates that aid in enhancing the technology’s efficacy but also have an impact on older devices that can no longer receive software updates.

The USB-C external display with iPads continues to function with DRM-restricted content as of right now, even though this may be a dead end and your only choice is to buy a more recent version of Apple TV. But given Apple’s track record, this might also become limited in the future.

According to information from the Apple Discussion Forums, this type of issue first appeared in September of last year when some iPhone users encountered unsupported HDMI functionality when using a Lightning Digital AV adapter to connect their iPhones and mirror video to their TVs.

Users claimed that the iOS 16 update was the cause of this issue because it was working properly prior to that. Apple didn’t issue any official statements during this time.