Google Pixel Plan: Leaked Roadmap Displays Significant Changes Through 2025

Google Pixel

Google’s substantial modifications to their smartphone roadmap for 2023 to 2025 have been revealed by a reputable web leak.

The launch of the Pixel 6 and its enhanced successor, the Pixel 7 series, helped Google’s smartphone market expand in recent years.

According to a recent leak, which was initially noted by Android Authority, the Google Pixel roadmap for the next three years has finally been made public.

Google’s First Foldable Pixel Will Be Released

Google Pixel

Additionally, according to GSM Arena, a brand-new foldable with the rumoured codename “felix” will debut in 2024. However, very little information regarding the device has been made public. Google may still be waiting to see how the Pixel Fold is received, according to rumours.

Previous speculations suggested that the 7a will enable wireless charging and a refresh rate of 90Hz, but these features have not yet been confirmed.

Google may opt for a different course for 2025 depending on how successful or unsuccessful its plan for 2023 and 2024 proves to be. If the flip-style foldable Google is “experimenting” with materialises, it will launch with the three slab Pixels of that year in the fall of 2025. (there will still be three of them like in 2024).

If the reports are accurate, and the Google foldable phone retails for the previously stated $1,799 price, it will directly compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold series. Tech enthusiasts will likely see four non-folding Pixels instead, including a normal model in small and large sizes and a Pro variant in both sizes, if the flip phone doesn’t materialise.

Google Pixel Roadmap Revealed: What to Expect Through 2025

The leak makes various assertions about what consumers might anticipate up to 2025. Google is rumoured to launch the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, two new smartphones in its mainstream range, later in 2023, according to News18.

The insider claims that there won’t be many distinguishing features between these phones and the Pixel 7 series. One significant change is that the Pixel 8, codenamed “shiba,” will have a smaller display and a smaller overall form factor. Husky, or the Pixel 8 Pro, will have the same display and proportions as the Pixel 7 Pro in the interim.

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Last but not least, the “zuma” smartphone, which Google will almost certainly market as the Tensor G3, will make its debut alongside the Pixel 8 series.

Additionally, it’s said that Google will keep the Pixel 7a’s suggested retail price of $449 the same as the Pixel 6a. According to earlier speculations, the 7a would therefore include a number of enhancements over its predecessor, including wireless charging and a 90Hz display rate.

Tech enthusiasts should nevertheless treat these web leaks with a grain of salt in the absence of any official confirmation from Google.