How the Resell Revolution is Being Led by Myntist

You may have observed that shoppers are being encouraged more in recent years to sell their used goods rather than throw them away. There are countless resale applications, and the term “pre-loved” has gained popularity. But aside from all of this, there are a lot of good reasons to sell used things.

The obvious financial advantage comes first. Most consumers would prefer to have a little additional cash than to have their old clothes collect dust in their houses. Then there is the reality that getting rid of items you no longer use can help you make room.

The advantage to the environment is the last one. The hazardous impacts of landfills and non-biodegradable trash are well known to many of us. Reselling products helps the environment and extends their useful lives. Could the resale market possibly improve?

It seems that it can! This is made possible by Myntist, a resale marketplace built on the blockchain that elevates the advantages of resale to a whole new level.

World of the Myntist

It’s one of Myntist’s most intriguing features that you may sell both physical and digital goods there. This permits the limitless sale of used clothing, books, NFTs, and many other items. Additionally, the money you earn from these things can be converted into a passive income when they are sold.

You can benefit from Myntist’s royalty programme rather than getting paid once and for all for the goods you sell. Similar to how it works in NFT markets, if an item you sell on Myntist is ever resold there, you will receive a percentage of the proceeds.

For instance, you would receive payment if you placed a pair of shoes for sale on Myntist and someone purchased them from you. You receive a portion of the proceeds if the person sells the shoe again, and so on. You are now earning a passive income from the products you are buying and reselling. This is especially helpful for companies who need to get rid of excess inventory and outdated equipment.

Then, they can make use of items that they would have used as a one-time payment source to generate ongoing income. Businesses may even modify their production methods in the future to design products with numerous users in mind rather than just one throughout their lifespans. They may promote both environmental preservation and the bottom line of the company by doing this.

So how does Myntist pay its users? Given that it is a blockchain-based platform, you can be paid in fiat money, USDC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Myntist’s native $MYNT token. When this money is paid, you have the option of withdrawing it or using staking to make even more passive revenue.

Staking entails securing your tokens for a set period of time within the Myntist liquidity pool. You will periodically get up to 40% in interest on your money during this time. This is in addition to the royalties you will get from upcoming resales.

The platform is launching its early adoption token in the first quarter of 2023 for those looking to go even farther into the Myntist ecosystem. The entire number of tokens will be 2,222, and they will cost $225 USDC apiece. The token’s value is anticipated to increase over time. Needless to say, its users will have a lot of alternatives when it comes to producing an income from the site.

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Revival of Reselling

More than merely providing a new marketplace for people to sell their used goods is what Myntist is doing. Its main objective is to further the resale revolution. Consumers will embrace product resale as an essential aspect of the product life cycle and an investment throughout this transformation. There is also the environmental consideration, which benefits both the environment and the consumer.