People on YouTube can Now “Pause” Comments on Videos

People on YouTube can Now "Pause" Comments on Videos

The new option that YouTube has released is called “Pause,” and it gives content creators and administrators the ability to prohibit viewers from posting new comments while allowing them to keep the comments that they already have there.

This tool intends to offer a compromise between fully disabling comments and manually vetting each comment. Creators are given the ability to take control of their comment sections by utilizing the Pause option, which is accessible within the video-level comment settings. This allows them to filter out negative comments and trolls whenever it is most convenient for them.

“We’re rolling out a new, optional comment moderation setting called Pause that allows you, as creators, to prevent the creation of new comments at the video level while preserving comments that were already published,” according to a statement from YouTube.

“This feature has been in experiment for a little while and we’re so happy to be able to roll it out to everyone based on the positive feedback we received while testing it,” said the announcement.

New Pause Feature of YouTube

YouTube included a statement in which it emphasized its excitement about the upcoming rollout of the Pause feature, which was based on the favourable feedback received during the testing period. This option provides producers with an additional tool that allows them to manage their comment sections more efficiently and to keep the online environment for their users healthier.

In order to provide content creators with flexibility and convenience, this tool has been created to enable them to take pauses from managing an overwhelming number of comments without having to resort to completely shutting down their accounts altogether.

Within the YouTube app or YouTube Studio, the Pause feature can be readily accessed by navigating to the video-level comment settings, which can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the comments panel on the watch page.

After it has been triggered, the Pause setting will notify viewers that all comments have been momentarily paused while at the same time displaying comments that have been published in the interim. By using this method, content providers are able to control their comment sections without sacrificing the valuable contributions made by their audience.

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Experimental Phase of Pause

Those who participated in the pilot phase of Pause have acknowledged its merits, noting the enhanced flexibility in handling comments and the option to take breaks when comment moderating gets onerous. Creators and moderators have cited these benefits.

A limited number of choices were available to content creators in order to regulate comments prior to the introduction of Pause. These options essentially consisted of either holding comments for approval or completely disabling them.

In order to improve the overall user experience and make the process of comment moderation more efficient, YouTube has streamlined the arrangement of key comment settings and given them names. Even though the names of some settings have been altered, their capabilities have remained the same. Authors now have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to controlling comments.

The available alternatives include “On” with a variety of moderation settings, such as “None,” “Basic,” “Strict,” and “Hold All,” in addition to the new “Pause” option and the more conventional “Off.”


In conclusion, the introduction of the “Pause” feature for comments on YouTube represents a noteworthy development that empowers content creators and users alike to curate their online experiences. This feature not only addresses concerns related to the quality of interactions but also provides a practical tool to manage the overwhelming nature of comment sections. By allowing individuals to pause comments temporarily, YouTube acknowledges the diverse needs of its user base, fostering a more controlled and enjoyable environment for creators to engage with their audience.

This move aligns with the platform’s commitment to user well-being and signifies a step towards cultivating a more positive and constructive community within the vast landscape of online content. As YouTube continues to refine and expand its features, the “Pause” option emerges as a valuable addition to enhance the overall user experience on the platform.

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