Use Discord? It’s Probably Slowing Down Your Nvidia Graphics Card


Anyone using the Discord messaging programme on a computer with an Nvidia graphics card might have noticed that their GPU is operating slower than usual.

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Multiple users on Reddit(Opens in a new window) and Linus Tech Tips(Opens in a new window) reported a 200MHz reduction in the memory clock speed of their Nvidia graphics cards, according to The Verge(Opens in a new window). It turns out that Discord is to blame, with a recent Discord update(Opens in a new window) being the most likely cause because it enabled support for AV1 streaming on GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs. However, not all RTX 40 GPUs experience the memory slowdown.

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The good news is that Nvidia graphics card has already acknowledged the issue and is developing an automatic patch. If you’re prepared to follow the steps to apply a manual fix, it is also possible.

The GPUs and graphics cards that are impacted by the memory clock slowing are those that have Discord running in the background, although Nvidia hasn’t published a complete list of them. it’s probably worth your time to follow the steps because the repair is simple.