You Can Now Make Your Own Game in Honor of Jerry Lawson Using the Google Doodle

Google Doodle

Every season’s theme is featured in the popular Google Doodle. If it’s Valentine’s Day, anticipate seeing a heart-filled edition. It’s possible that we’ll see snowflakes and reindeer before Christmas.

The search engine behemoth’s current edition pays tribute to Gerald Lawson, better known by his stage name “Jerry,” who invented the video game cartridge that gamers currently use.

On December 1, in honour of his 82nd birthday, you can use the platform to play five arcade games and even make your own.

Google Doodle

Jerry Lawson: Who is he?

For those who don’t know him, Jerry Lawson is an electronics engineer from the US who led the team that developed the current generation of video game cartridges.

Sportskeeda claims that Lawson demonstrated early aptitude for device repair because it was a natural skill. At the time, he was able to restore their broken television and even build a radio station out of spare parts he had acquired from a nearby shop.

Despite enrolling at both City University and Queens College, he never finished his studies there. Thankfully, he discovered a job at Fairchild Semiconductor after being relocated to San Francisco and began working there as an engineering consultant.

He founded a company called VideoSoft and started working on his very first game in the early 1980s. His group is responsible for the widespread fame of the Atari 2600 software.

After five years, the business abruptly shut down. Lawson continued to develop his talent in spite of that. He searched for another chance to advance in his career.

Since then, he has been working on creating the first video game cartridge that is still in use today.

Jerry Lawson’s Works Are Honored with a Google Doodle

Google is enabling all users to once again enjoy the arcade game playing experience as a way to honour the contributions of the late game cartridge creator.

When you visit the Google Doodle webpage, five games are available to play, according to XDA Developers. From here, you can start making your own games and designing them in the style of a rookie game developer.

With the assistance of Momo Pixel, Lauren Brown, and Davionne Gooden—all professionals in the field of game design—this theme is made possible.

Before you begin the most thrilling aspect of game creation, there is, of course, a tutorial to go through. Before moving on to the main stage, make sure you complete them correctly.

Every point in every game you create can be designed, and you can customise your player model. Make sure you participate, even if it’s just for a little period of time, as it’s one of the best Google Doodle themes this year.

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