ChatGPT Passes Google Coding Interview for Level 3 Engineer With $183K Salary


According to a Google document, “Amazingly, ChatGPT gets employed at L3 when interviewed for a coding position,” yet ChatGPT claims it can’t simulate human creativity and problem-solving abilities

According to an internal document, Google asked ChatGPT coding interview questions and, based on the AI’s responses, decided that it would be hired for a level three engineering role.

The experiment, which was conducted as part of Google’s recent testing of many AI chatbots that it is considering adding to the site, was reported by CNBC.

The time users would ordinarily spend browsing links on Google to find the same information could be saved by chatgpt’s capacity to surface a succinct, high-fidelity response to an inquiry.

The memo states, “Amazingly, chatgpt is employed at L3 when interviewed for a coding position.” On the engineering team at Google, level three is regarded as an entry-level post, but the typical total pay is roughly $183,000.

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The majority of the questions in Google’s software engineer interview process(Opens in a new window) are technical, which ChatGPT aced. Nevertheless, there are a few behavioural instances in the interview (“Tell me about a time…”) These questions are also used by Facebook, Amazon, and other companies, especially for leadership positions, which could make it difficult for ChatGPT to get “hired.”

However, the realisation that ChatGPT can pass the coding interview’s technical questions has prompted concerns about the platform’s capacity to transform not only Google but also the engineering positions that support it. Does this now exist, or will it in five or twenty years?

PCMag wasn’t convinced when it was asked if ChatGPT would ever take the position of software programmers.

The AI answered, “ChatGPT won’t take the role of software programmers. “ChatGPT is a tool that can help with some jobs, but it can’t entirely take the position of a human software engineer’s critical thinking, inventiveness, and problem-solving capabilities. Additionally, ChatGPT needs human oversight and guidance to function properly.”

When we questioned whether this would still be the case in 20 years or whether lower-level positions may be more at risk, ChatGPT acknowledged that it might. However, it emphasised that technology will never completely replace human software engineers and will only ever be a tool to help them.

PR machine and artificial intelligence bot. Impressive.

ChatGPT response

The software engineering community is currently engaged in the same discussion about the effects of AI on their futures as artists, journalists, and businesspeople thanks to these Google findings and a recent study showing that chatgpt can detect and patch flawed code.

It appears that many programmers are already using chatgpt to eliminate time spent looking for code solutions on well-known websites like StackOverflow, based on thousands of comments on Reddit posts on the subject (Opens in a new window). It’s being used by others to produce brief pieces of code. Others, however, are less pleased with chatgpt’s abilities and occasionally lengthy, incomprehensible responses.

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It remains to be seen if the tool will eventually eliminate lower-level engineering positions or enhance the entire industry by hastening the process of specialisation.