First Look: Photo Samples From the 200MP Camera on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra


200MP Camera on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Samsung hopes will set it apart from the competition. Although the phone’s new ISOCELL HP2(Opens in a new window) sensor may provide it more megapixels than the majority of other phones on the market, producing high-quality images requires much more than just pixels. Does it pass muster?

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While we’re still working on our comprehensive review of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, we thought we’d share some of the first images we’ve taken with the device so you can get a sense of what to anticipate in various lighting situations and with particular shooting settings.

Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Specs

Let’s quickly review the fundamentals of the camera system on the S23 Ultra first. The 108MP HP1 sensor that Samsung utilised in the Galaxy S22 Ultra last year has been replaced by a 200MP HP2 sensor. On a 1/1.3-inch sensor, 200 million pixels with an average size of 0.6 mm are located.
All 200MP, 50MP (binned down by a factor of four), or 12.5MP images can be taken with the camera (binned down by a factor of 16). The default shooting mode is the last one.

The lens’s f/1.7 aperture allows it to capture a significant amount of light. The camera sports an expanded optical image stabilisation system and a laser autofocusing technology (the sensor has more room to move around to compensate for jitters).

Samsung hopes the 200MP camera on the Galaxy S23 Ultra will set it apart from the competition. On the S23 Ultra, there are four additional cameras: a 12MP ultra-wide camera with f/2.2 aperture, a basic 10MP 3x optical telephoto lens with OIS, a periscopic 10MP 10x optical zoom camera, and a 12MP selfie camera with f/2.2 phase-detect autofocus.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip’s new image signal processor controls all of that gear and generates the best results by quickly calculating a great number of factors, including light, colour, shadows, textures, the subject, and more.

Galaxy S23 Ultra Photo Samples

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra photo sample daylight

The first picture is a straightforward daytime picture I took using the primary camera. The shadow and highlight detail is abundant, and everything appears to have the appropriate exposure. Both the colour and the white balance are accurate. It’s a lovely picture.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra photo sample tree in the shadows

This sample was taken in the shade of a big tree at the same time of day. I’m impressed by the amount of detail in the tree bark, and I appreciate how the focus narrows in on the branch to the right. Once more, the colour and exposure are both good.