Five Uses for Outdated Android and IOS Devices

There are times when you might find yourself with an extra Android or iOS device that isn’t being used because smartphones and tablets are frequently on sale.

Here are five cool things you can do with an extra Android or iOS tablet or smartphone in place of letting it gather dust in your drawer.

1. A reader of eBooks

outdated Android and iOS devices

My Nexus 7 (2013) performs horribly on the battery and heats up quickly when connected to Wi-Fi. My books would often get damaged while in my bag during commutes, classes, etc.

My friend was using his brand-new Kindle one day. He mentioned that he had a lot of books to catch up on while I was setting it up for him. I became aware of the fact that all the books I needed to read were e-books on Amazon or Barnes & Noble as a result.

Moon Reader Pro was on sale for $1.99, and I used deals and coupons to get my entire backlog of books for $20. I can now read for two to three hours each day without having to recharge the tablet on the weekend.

For both indoor and outdoor reading, Moon Reader gives me the option of using white or black pages. It also lets me bookmark pages and look up words. Countless free e-books are also legal to download from websites like Project Gutenberg.

The best way to read will always be in a paperback or hardcover, but that won’t matter if your 900-page book looks like a bulldog tore through it after a day in your bag.

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2. A specific nightstand smart home device

voutdated Android and iOS devices

You can always access Google Assistant with just the touch of a button thanks to its widespread availability on Android and iOS devices. For tablets, this is especially helpful. As a result, you can continue working and multitasking while using your phone.

Your tablet needs to be placed in a resting position after you purchase a folio case for it (which can cost as little as $5). From there, you can wake your device by pressing the power button and ask Google Assistant to carry out different tasks.

The potential uses for a dedicated bedside device are endless! From the comfort of your bed, set alarms, reminders, schedules, and weather searches. For optimal results, make sure your tablet syncs with your primary device’s Gmail account.

Additionally, you can configure your smart appliances, smart security appliances, and more on a tablet that is compatible and use it as the main controller for your house.

3. A touchscreen in a car’s dashboard or an intelligent mirror

voutdated Android and iOS devices

Take a look at the numerous YouTube videos on creating your smart mirror if you have the courage and are willing to give it a shot.

You can now create your own Android auto-enabled dashboard touchscreen tablet if you are EXTRA daring and have advanced auto-tinkering skills.

Keep in mind that this requires a lot of patience, hard work, and tech proficiency. This should only be a choice if you have thoroughly watched the videos and are aware of the journey you are about to take.

4. An electronic photo frame

voutdated Android and iOS devices

There are many apps that can run a slideshow of your family photos if you want to add a bit of technology to your living room. When you invite friends or family over, this will be a talking point. One of the many free apps you can use for this is Piktures.

Keep in mind that without being constantly charged, this won’t become a fixture. Having a low battery icon appear while showcasing your photos would be embarrassing. The battery WILL suffer from the screen being on all the time and from looping images.

5. A secondary security measure

voutdated Android and iOS devices

A backup device can come in handy if you’ve misplaced your primary smartphone or need to access your multi-factor authenticator apps. Installing apps like Google’s Find My Device will allow you to locate your main device in your home or remotely ring, erase, and protect it from intruders.

You might detest pulling out your phone to enter the 2-factor authentication code if you are a security nut like me. But if you have a good app (Authy is my recommendation), you can enter your 2-factor code right away without getting out of bed, disturbing your phone while it’s charging, or switching between apps.

These are just a few of the uses for your outdated technology. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.