How To Download An Instagram Profile Picture

Instagram Profile Picture

Most of the time we send the request to unknown people because we like their DPs and content. And a few times we like to download those profile pictures from our contacts. But Instagram makes it harder for users to download someone’s profile picture. We all know almost 2 billion people use Instagram daily, and share their pictures and videos with the world.

Display pictures or profile pictures are significant when we need to find someone on social media and without a clear image on the account’s profile, it is tougher to find your respective contact. The problem with Instagram is that it does not permit us to zoom profile pictures. Due to some security purposes, people avoid following those users who have blurred or unclear profile pictures.  If we receive a request and are not able to recognize the person from his display picture it is risky to get followed.

Instagram with great features is ideal for photos and videos but it has its limitation, these limits stop the user from seeing a full-size profile picture of someone as well it also stops us from downloading directly to our desktop. But with the help of a few websites, we can easily do it. Among these websites, InstaZoom is very user-friendly, you can also use Qeek and Izuum.

How To Download A Profile Picture:

You can install Instagram profile pictures or display them in full size using tools. However, if you browse for Instagram cover photo downloaders, you will discover downloaders for stories and posts. It appears that uploading profile picture tools is not operating properly.

Profile Picture Downloader:

  • We first start with a profile picture downloader; it is very helpful for downloading profile pictures. With the aid of this app, you can save any person’s display picture from a different Instagram account. This app provides a clear and understanding outline for downloading pictures on your mobile phone.
  • The first step is to download the profile picture download for Instagram, you can easily access this app on the google play store.
  • When the app installation is completed, open it and go to the search function to type your respective account user name. When you find the search bar type the name of the user of whom you want to copy his or her profile picture.
  • After entering the name, you will see the profile photo of the Instagram user.
  • Now you can a download button on your screen, with this help the picture of your desire can be downloaded into your storage. The profile picture from the selected Instagram account will then be saved to your smartphone. Allowing it to save and download a profile picture.


  • Insta Zoom is perfect for downloading Instagram profile pictures. You can download them or just search in the google search bar by typing InstaZoom.
  • Now a Website is open in fromt of You.
  • On the page at the top, you can see a search bar where you can type the name of the Instagram user whom you want to download.
  • The best part of InstaZoom is they give you a choice of multiple Instagram accounts which you can use to download.
  • After this your desired display picture is on the screen, just click the button and download it. The picture will be saved on your computer.


  • Qeek is more exciting for getting a full high-quality profile picture. It is easy to use, it helps you to download Instagram profile pictures.
  • Qeek can be found on the google play store, you need to download it before any further actions. Qeek provides you with a very helpful tutorial, especially for new users.
  • To find, the profile picture of an individual Instagram user, type the user’s name to search.
  • After a search, results will give you multiple choices as well as your requesting profile picture.
  • You can zoom or enlarge the picture and can also download it. This application requires your permission to your phone storage so before hitting the save button change the app’s setting. After doing this go and save the image, the profile picture automatically saves in your phone.


  • It is also a very useful and easy-to-use app. It has almost similar features to InstaZoom. Search on google engine by typing izuum, a window will popup with address.
  • Go and type the name of the Instagram user in the search bar.
  • Soon the results will be seen, go and select the Instagram account of whom you need to download the profile picture.
  • Now you can see the image after a click, the profile picture will be seen completely. After pressing a right-click you can download it by saving it.